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Where Can I Open A Bank Account Using A "Credit" Card?

shveli   |     |   1 posts since 2011

Looking to use the credit function of a credit card to open an account and get "thank you" points, but not sure if any banks allow credit to be used to open an account.  Any ideas? I imagine it is not possible, but thought I'd check w/ the good folks on this site.

EnronLoveChunk   |     |   20 posts since 2011
There is Sovereign Bank but I don't know if you can get points from your card. Here is a link that might help. Upon opening a checking/savings account online, how do I fund the account? I would of also said Citi Bank but I heard they stopped giving rewards from credit card to savings account usage. Also I don't know if you can keep depositing money from a credit card to a savings account or if it's a one time thing to start up your account. I tried finding a credit card funding savings account about a year ago that would also give me rewards but decided to give up. Hope you have better luck.