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The Cost Of Living Longer

pearlbrown   |     |   2,299 posts since 2010

From the Wall Street Journal via Yahoo Finance.  The article describes one person's efforts to find appropriate care for her mother, who was hospitalized after several falls.   Finding a place with the right combination of price, amenities and services has been difficult. 

... So far, Ms. St. John has consulted with a financial adviser, a geriatric social worker and an elder-law attorney as part of her research."It's been very eye-opening," Ms. St. John says. "You don't just pay one fee a month for assisted living. There are all these different add-ons. A growing number of families are wrestling with the same dilemma: rising costs for long-term care and a mind-boggling array of options.  Nationwide, long-term-care costs in a number of categories have risen faster than inflation over the past year, according to research to be released Tuesday by insurer MetLife's Mature Market Institute. At the same time, care providers are changing the types of services available or bundling services in new and at times confusing ways.

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paoli2   |     |   2,432 posts since 2011
Sorry for the downer but so many of the elderly are not "living longer".  IMO, they are being forced to exist under horrible conditions just because they were not born animals.  I won't go into my tirade against nursing homes from what I have seen but this is not my idea of "living longer".   Part of a good Living Will should state "Do NOT put me into a nursing home!"