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Latest Discussions

Minimizing Taxable Income Over The Next 2-3 Years
Posted by: LinusP  |   1 vote  |  7 comments
I have some taxable money in mutual funds that I'd like to move to Vanguard in order to simplify my financial life. Now seems like a good time, since my wife is newly unemployed (s... read more
CD Maturity Over Weekend
Posted by: Anon456  |   5 votes  |  8 comments
Just had an interesting situation at NAVY, but probably not unique to them. Had a CD maturing on Sunday. I checked it on Saturday, and the CU already showed the auto renew dates, ... read more
If Your Account Is Frozen At Popular Direct Please Read
Posted by: vamai  |   2 votes  |  0 comments
You can put in a complaint at the fdic at the web following site. Please do that so that others don’t get taken by this bank. The FDIC number for this bank is 34967. Banco Popular.... read more
Questions To Know When Opening A New Savings/MM Account.
Posted by: enduser  |   25 votes  |  6 comments
Every time a new higher interest offering is posted I quickly realize the hassles involved locating basic account information. While some banks are pretty good about disclosing acc... read more
ACH Cost Charged By Northern
Posted by: rateinfo  |   4 votes  |  3 comments
Per fee disclosure and call to customer service, Northern charges $3 fee for external transfers initiated by Northern.... read more
Northern Bank Direct Gotchas!
Posted by: enduser  |   1 vote  |  0 comments
Northern Bank Direct Gotchas! How is interest calculated? Interest is compounded monthly and credited monthly. Promotional Money Market offer for a limited time only for NEW acc... read more
Can We Please Go Back To The Mid-1970s Or Earlier Before They Slashed Banking Regulations To "Help" Customers?
Posted by: me1004  |   10 votes  |  12 comments
Why can't we go back to the good old days of the mid-1970s and earlier, when all banks gave you 5.0% and savings and loans 5.25% on your basic savings, and they had just introduced... read more
Horrible Customer Service
Posted by: MaxM  |   10 votes  |  1 comment
I sent Popular Direct a certified document on February 15, asking them to transfer my husband's CD to me, and included a copy of his death certificate in the envelope. I also reque... read more
Read This Just Now And Thought It Would Be Of Interest For Those Taking Their RMD's.
Posted by: Ally6770  |   10 votes  |  4 comments
This question is from the Ed Slott site. Question: My wife and I are both retired. We have a pension, social security and then comparatively large RMDs. We have no withholding and... read more
Tracking Accounts For Heirs/Executor
Posted by: LinusP  |   7 votes  |  4 comments
Question for those who have accounts at a bunch of different banks/credit unions and move money around often to get the best rates available: What information do you assemble for y... read more

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