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Latest Discussions

Help In Evaluating User Comments Of A Specific Bank Review On The Site
Posted by: sunray  |   3 votes  |  0 comments
Related to the bank reviews here at depositaccounts, I wanted to ask your advice in how to evaluate the comments by others as part of the reviews. Specifically am asking about com... read more
Door May Be Closing At NFCU - Already Closed?
Posted by: Kaight  |   8 votes  |  2 comments
The Navy League San Diego Council entryway into NFCU may be closing. In fact, some are saying it already is closed, the door having swung shut yesterday: https://creditboards.com/f... read more
Privacy Awareness Week: A Time To Learn
Posted by: Ally6770  |   1 vote  |  2 comments
This is an article from the CONSUMER TRADE ASSOCIATION shared by the CONSUMER PROTECTION AGENCY that I thought might be of interest to DA readers. Am printing the link because the ... read more
Why Is Ken Not Smiling?
Posted by: Bozo  |   1 vote  |  7 comments
To lighten the mood a bit, has anyone else noticed Ken Tumin's picture on the web-page? Not the hint of a smile. He looks almost pained, as if someone just announced ZIRP. Tight li... read more
Morgan Stanley Drops Vanguard
Posted by: Bozo  |   2 votes  |  0 comments
https://finance.yahoo.com/news/morgan-stanley-drops-vanguard-mutual-funds-002226295--sector.html Cynic that I am, I suspect the real reason is that Vanguard won't pay commissions.... read more
Should Millenials Consider Real Estate?
Posted by: Bozo  |   1 vote  |  0 comments
While most DA readers are laser-focused on CDs, it might be time to consider alternative investments. Herewith, real estate. Rental real estate properties can generate both profit... read more
Will Your IRA CD RMD Be Subject To An EWP?
Posted by: Bozo  |   3 votes  |  1 comment
As I turn 70 1/2 this year, the question is of more than academic interest to me. For those DA readers at or nearing RMD territory, it's an issue which might be worthy of inquiry. ... read more
Trump's Tax Proposal: Thoughts For DA Readers
Posted by: Bozo  |   12 votes  |  7 comments
While merely a one-page synopsis of talking points, the Trump proposal revealed today may have relevance for DA readers. Initially, it proposes a massive reduction in Federal tax r... read more
If You Get A Call From The IRS
Posted by: Bozo  |   7 votes  |  1 comment
We were always advised that, if you "get a call from the IRS", it's a scam. Well, there's a new wrinkle. The IRS has recently contracted-out its debt collections to private contr... read more
My Pet Peeve: Online Truth-In-Savings Disclosures (Or Lack Thereof)
Posted by: Bozo  |   14 votes  |  4 comments
As I've noted today over at the Blog, and many times past in both the Blog and this Forum, one of my pet peeves is when a financial institution makes it difficult, or even impossib... read more