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Latest Discussions

Personal Story Of Identity Theft And Fraudulent Credit Card
Posted by: lou  |   20 votes  |  28 comments
For the first time in my life, I was victimized by this heinous deed. Yesterday, I received an alert from my AAA Experian monitoring service that I got a hard inquiry from American... read more
Little Things Mean A Lot
Posted by: Bozo  |   11 votes  |  5 comments
OK, a huge "shout out" to PenFed. A few days ago, I noticed my share account balance was getting a bit low. It is with the share account I pay those pesky fees for my paper stateme... read more
Synchrony Online Access Remains Down
Posted by: CapitalClimate  |   3 votes  |  10 comments
The Synchrony online access which was scheduled to be down over the weekend for systems maintenance is still not available on Wednesday: https://www.synchronybank.com/cms...ode=000... read more
Tax For International Student.
Posted by: Amanda12  |   1 vote  |  0 comments
Hi, I migrated to Canada for educational purpose. I have some doubts regarding the tax payments here. I have heard that every international student is required to file a tax retur... read more
Posted by: rmhoover  |   1 vote  |  1 comment
Note To Ken: Edit Function Appears Disabled
Posted by: Bozo  |   1 vote  |  7 comments
While not a huge issue, until recently, when I posted a comment, I was able to edit. No longer. This helped when I made a simple spelling error, for example. Is this just a glitch?... read more
Bond Funds Versus CD Ladders
Posted by: Bozo  |   4 votes  |  0 comments
Those who have followed my posts know I am not a huge fan of bond funds in a rising-rate environment. Why is this? For those who track bond funds, it's not a surprise. In a rising... read more
Credit Human
Posted by: Anon456  |   2 votes  |  0 comments
Anybody taking bets on how long it takes them to change their name back to something else?... read more
Liability Matching
Posted by: Bozo  |   3 votes  |  1 comment
Poster 51hh peaked my curiosity. He advised that he snagged a re-fi at 2.625% some time ago. And Kudos for that. My question is whether any current offerings could "liability matc... read more
Are CD Investors More Likely To Have Sustainable Withdrawals?
Posted by: Bozo  |   13 votes  |  10 comments
The popular financial press oft notes the 4% "SWR" in retirement. Economists study it. PhD candidates write volumes deriding it. Yet one thing strikes me as odd. To my knowledge, n... read more