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Latest Discussions

ESSB Direct
Posted by: JimN  |   2 votes  |  1 comment
Today (12/3/16) a CSR stated that the 1.25% APY/Money Market Special 3 is closed to new applications.... read more
Save 10% On Target Gift Cards, Sunday (12/4/2016) Only
Posted by: Ken Tumin  |   4 votes  |  0 comments
Saw this mentioned on some personal finance blogs, and I thought this was worth mentioning. It’s now being advertised at Target.com: The important details: This Sunday, Dec. 4 onl... read more
Chase Bank And New Cash Deposit Rules
Posted by: paoli2  |   75 votes  |  44 comments
I was wondering if anyone has encountered what is going to be the new rules for "any" bank cash deposits as of March 1, 2014?  I just returned from my local Chase Bank to depo... read more
Is Your Parent's Asset Allocation Appropriate These Days?
Posted by: Bozo  |   4 votes  |  1 comment
I have read so much here (and elsewhere) about the "beauty" of a "set-and-forget" 50/50 (or 60/40) asset allocation. Backward-looking analyses (of which there are as many as there ... read more
Assisting Aging Parents With Financial Matters
Posted by: pearlbrown  |   9 votes  |  5 comments
The Morningstar article suggests that early and open communication is key to broaching the topic and offers ideas on framing the conversation.  Read more here.... read more
Posted by: Frank Walker  |   1 vote  |  5 comments
This is only just a heads up.  The scenario: You have an IRA CD.  You decide to close it before maturity, for whatever reason, and pay the penalty. The rub: IRS rules ... read more
ACH Limits
Posted by: Anon456  |   6 votes  |  3 comments
OK - can use some verification or input on my experience here. Just did an ACH transfer to Andrews for $100K from ALLY.  Later, I saw a post that talked about Andrews had... read more
10 Days To Clear A CHASE CASHIERS Check ??
Posted by: diamondx  |   14 votes  |  21 comments
My credit union is telling me it will take 10 days to clear a CASHIERS CHECK.  I thought they were as good as cash ?  and this makes it even more puzzling; -- I am 2000 ... read more
Multiple "...New Notifications On DA" E-Mails
Posted by: cumulus  |   2 votes  |  0 comments
Minor bug?  The past two days I have received two identical       "You have nn New Notifications on DepositAccounts.com." e-mails; their time stamps... read more
Walmart Did Not Allow Debit Card To Be Used As Credit Card.
Posted by: kiwi  |   13 votes  |  10 comments
On 5/1/2015, I had 5 out of 12 Walmart transactions post as debits. You have to keep close track of your credit transactions or you may be short on your rewards chec... read more