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Tax Reform And Interest Rates - The Nexus
Posted by: Kaight  |   5 votes  |  12 comments
The economy is doing well right now. The stock market is strong, employment is up, people are more optimistic about their prospects going forward. But this situation must endure an... read more
This Market Is Nuts
Posted by: Bozo  |   7 votes  |  12 comments
OK, I've over-reacted before, but can anyone posit a reasonable explanation for this stock market? It's a melt-up, that much is sure. But why? Momentum? Irrational exuberance (than... read more
Andrews And GTE - Will History Repeat?
Posted by: Kaight  |   6 votes  |  1 comment
The Andrews 7 year 3% CD deal last fall was a pretty great deal, one in which many of Ken's readers participated including myself. Back then I foolishly believed Andrews was going ... read more
Heads Up!! Tomorrow, Thursday October 19th, is International Credit Union Day
Posted by: Kaight  |   3 votes  |  3 comments
Title says it all. ICU Day is tomorrow, Thursday. Anybody know of great CU CD deals in commemoration and celebration?... read more
Pulled The Trigger
Posted by: Bozo  |   4 votes  |  33 comments
Yes, friends and neighbors. I finally pushed the "sell" button. The stock market was getting a little crazy, so I took a bit off the top (my gains for 2017 thus far). Plopped those... read more
Lengthy Hold On Check?
Posted by: carly  |   2 votes  |  2 comments
I recently ended my relationship with Melrose Credit Union. I had to mail them a letter to request the proceeds of my CD and savings account, and recently received the check in the... read more
CD Rate Listings On Deposit Accounts
Posted by: mc  |   6 votes  |  2 comments
I would like to be able to search for CD's regardless of term. Sometimes the best rates aren't with the longest terms. It's easy to overlook some very good rates in shorter term CD... read more
Mastercard Free Service To Counter ID Theft
Posted by: Kaight  |   4 votes  |  1 comment
You must be a Mastercard cardholder to use this free service. I signed up. It seems like a good service. Certainly the price is right: https://www.mastercard.us/en-us/consumers/pa... read more
Credit Card Fraud Through Amazon Or Ebay Or PayPal and Discover Card Response
Posted by: kiwi  |   9 votes  |  1 comment
My husband's ID was stolen. Someone placed an order on Amazon for computers. They used his account, shipping address (which they diverted after it was shipped), and name (which the... read more
Scottrade Bonus
Posted by: CTM  |   3 votes  |  0 comments
I got an email today with a new promotion from Scottrade. This offer is somewhat unusual, as it allows deposits to an existing account. Account setup (if needed) and funding must ... read more