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Latest Discussions

Suntide CU Proposes To Merge With Penfed
Posted by: Anon1234  |   3 votes  |  0 comments
Received a letter from Suntide CU that they are proposing to merge into PenFed. All eligible members would be paid a 1% special dividend based on regular share account balances as ... read more
What Happened To Bankaholic.Com?
Posted by: Ghett Behnt  |   4 votes  |  7 comments
Does anyone know what happened to bankaholic.com?  I haven't seen any new postings since August 19, 2016.... read more
Jack Bogle On The "Terrible Two's"
Posted by: Bozo  |   2 votes  |  0 comments
https://www.cnbc.com/2017/02/21/jack-bogle-doesnt-feel-super-confident-about-the-market-rally.html Feel sad about that 2% CD? Don't.... read more
National Credit Union Data Base
Posted by: Ricochet  |   4 votes  |  0 comments
Not to infringe on our DA site which we know to be the best site for our purposes. But I'd like for the community to check out this site and explore its content. It has an unusual ... read more
9 Year CD That Pays 6.5%+
Posted by: RJM  |   2 votes  |  9 comments
Ok, its not a CD, its a stock that will very quickly become an NYSE listed preferred stock. It trades at roughly a 9% discount to its $17.80 value at closing...on Feb 6th. Its a ... read more
Do Bond Funds Have A Place In Your Portfolio?
Posted by: Bozo  |   3 votes  |  2 comments
For many folks, contributions to 401K accounts are about as good as it gets. Periodic contributions, perhaps an employer match, what's not to like? Well, for one thing, the fact th... read more
ACC Annoyance
Posted by: Kaight  |   5 votes  |  4 comments
ACC (American Consumer Council) membership has been my entryway into at least two credit unions within the last year. But the ACC is associated with many credit unions. They a... read more
Is The 4% SWR "Rule" Of Any Relevance Today?
Posted by: Bozo  |   4 votes  |  0 comments
The 4% Safe Withdrawal Rate (SWR) was always the default. For many years, financial planners, bloggers, and others touted the "4% Rule". If you saved for retirement, in a mix of eq... read more
1099 On IRA Account
Posted by: Anon456  |   8 votes  |  7 comments
I got in a 1099R from my IRA CD which got transferred to another credit union. They had coded it as an IRA Rollover, showed the dollar amount, then showed the taxable amount as zer... read more
Can't Make Paragraphs ? How To.
Posted by: Ricochet  |   2 votes  |  4 comments
I can't believe ya'll can't figure how to work this out. 1..Type your reply, just a line or two. 2.. Post the comment. 3.. Click Edit. 4.. Correct or Continue your post with Para... read more