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Rates Reported Are Inaccurate

Janpridy2   |     |   1 posts since 2013

I was checking the rates for 5 year CD in our state of WV. The rates for STAR USA credit union listed on your site are wrong. I went to their bank prepared to get a CD at the rate of 1.75 for 5 years. They told me the rates had changed in December. Would it be possible to keep the rates on your site up to date? Or is there another website i can go to that compares all rates? Thank you.

Anon456   |     |   146 posts since 2011
I probably check 10 sites that have some similar information.  But this one is the best I have found.

If I find something of interest here, I always double check direclty on the CU or bank's web site to verify, or call before I do anything.  RARELY have I found any conflicts.

If you do, just make a post like you just did.  KEN will check into it and get it corrected quickly if in error.


ohpleez   |     |   4 posts since 2012
seriously Janpridy2? you're complaining that Ken's incredibly diligent efforts at maintaining information for hundreds of banks and credit unions are occasionally out of date?

furthermore, you can't google for other sites that have bank/CU rates?

lastly, you relied upon this site for rate confirmation rather than the actual StarUSA FCU website?

get it together, janpridy2.
Ken Tumin
Ken Tumin   |     |   5,957 posts since 2009
Sorry about the rate inaccuracies. We're in the processing of correcting these.

The reason for the error was that we were basing our rates on the following credit union page:


Apparently, the credit union has a new rates page at


In our system it can be difficult to identify these "orphaned" pages.
pearlbrown   |     |   2,299 posts since 2010
Ken, if banks leave old information in cyberspace or set up new pages with different names, how can you possibly be expected to know that it is not the latest info?    You do an amazing job of keeping track of hundreds (probably thousands?) of financial institutions around the country.  Thank you for bringing us all this information in a first-class website, for staying on top of all the posts and for being so responsive!
klink   |     |   183 posts since 2012