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Just Noticed This Deal For Colorado

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Just noticed this deal for Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and Wyoming residents at www.bankonnebraska.com -- $25 bonus when you open online account. Requires BOTH Savings account (@ 1.60% APY) and Checking account (doesn't say anything about interest). Apparently the linked checking account is required in order to even have the Savings account. $100 minimum deposit to open the required checking account; but otherwise there are no minimum balance requirements. Account seems to have some other nifty features, such as free foreign ATM transactions, Visa check card with cash back rewards, Visa credit card (subject to credit approval), free bill pay. Electronic statements only; no paper checks (i.e., like Incredible Bank). You must be a U.S. citizen or U.S. resident alien.  The "parent bank" is Pinnacle Bank of Nebraska, which is rated 5-stars by bankrate.