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DA Mentioned In Consumer Reports

cumulus   |     |   947 posts since 2010

Deposit Accounts continues to get ink in major publications;

the current, June 2013, edition of Consumer Reports (CR) in

an article titled "Get a better return on savings" contains

the reference

      "To see how early withdrawal would affect yields

       from any CD, check out the calculators at

       cdcalc.herokuapp.com and depositaccounts.com."

CR is not available online, so I can't provide a link.

Congratulations Ken, well-deserved, well earned.

(P.S. cdcalc.herokuapp.com provides a nice Effective-APY

 graph at the end.)

Shorebreak   |     |   4,116 posts since 2010
Well, this is truly the 'go to blog site' for the information one needs for anything related to deposit accounts and so much more. Ken deserves all the publicity that's out there.
Ken Tumin
Ken Tumin   |     |   5,822 posts since 2009
Thanks for noting the article.

The link to our CD EWP calculator is available on DA's front page.
ekat   |     |   78 posts since 2010
CR provides certain info online, including the referenced article.  Yea Ken!

51hh   |     |   1,687 posts since 2010
Great site here, thanks Ken for the great work.