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FYI: Penfed Allows Max Of 430 External Accounts

cumulus   |     |   1,012 posts since 2010

Since the (telephone) CSR did not seem to know, thought I'd give

the Penfed e-mail contact a try:

Q: How many external transfer accounts does Penfed allow me to have?

A: Thank you for contacting Pentagon Federal Credit Union.

   Our IT Department has confirmed that we can hold up to 430 entries

   for external accounts per member PenFed Online profile.

   If you need further assistance, please contact us.


   Pentagon Federal Credit Union

51hh   |     |   1,716 posts since 2010
Ally (or the old GMAC) used to allow unlimited number of external accounts for ACH.
cumulus   |     |   1,012 posts since 2010
It's unfortunate that Penfed has such a low transfer limit on their
external accounts: $5,000 max per transaction, $5,000 max per day.

I'd happily accept fewer external accounts for a large transfer

Better yet, I'd more happily trade a bunch of external accounts for
additional basis points on their CD's :)