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Ally Bank Accounts back on all lists (updated)

Mike   |     |   323 posts since 2010

I don't see Ally Bank listed anymore under the various account search categories

king3344   |     |   10 posts since 2010
Yeh, the first thing that hit me this morning was that Ally Bank is among the missing.  I assume this is simply an error and will be quickly corrected.  If this was intentional , someone please let us know why. With the popularity of this bank being what it is, I would expect that we will be getting a few more posts like this.
Ken Tumin
Ken Tumin   |     |   5,943 posts since 2009
Ally updated their website overnight, which caused our import process to flag the imported rates as suspicious and kick it into review.  During this time the rates are hidden from our site, so we're not displaying the wrong ones.

We've made the fixes, and Ally rates are now back on our tables.
Mike   |     |   323 posts since 2010
Thanks Ken

Just wanted you to know about it.  Figured there was a reason.