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Bank Accounts Missing From Rates Tables

me1004   |     |   553 posts since 2010

Ken, I'm noticing at least a couple account offerings that are missing from the CD Rates tables. I notice in particular two from the 2-year tables, although who knows how many others I don't notice (gee, I hope these are complete).

From the two-year tables, I see missing:

•Quorum FCU, the 25-month CD at 1.50% APY.

•Third Federal S&L, the 29-month CD at 1.50% APY.

You normally would role those into the two-year table, and note the variation of their term. But they are not in there, nor in the three-year table.

Ken Tumin
Ken Tumin   |     |   5,877 posts since 2009
Thanks me1004. The Third Federal 29mo CD that's missing seems to be due to this being a fairly new CD special. This should be added soon to our tables. One problem with the Quorum CD is that we're not listing Quorum as nationally available. For some reason, its CDs are not even being shown in the tables for New York. We'll have to investigate this one.