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Cd Money Market- Not Related Notary Related

neil   |     |   1 posts since 2014

Bank related  but... Simple,  i need  help ...  I had some docs notarized  from a local bank in  NJ- mind you  I have  over a 10  year relationship with  this bank ( few cd's  and and mm acct).  Notary made  copies of  all my  docs- with  lot of professional  sensitive info  filled  to be submitted  to  medical board,  at the time did not realize   they were  doing.  But  later,  I  realized they  made  copies  of  all docs they  notarized kept  for them.  Never  has this happened  before,  many  times I have  notarized  form the same or other banks..  I tried  to get,  2 days  later, my docs   we were denied   because   the notary  told  us    " by law   she  will  hold   all docs  she  notarizes  and  it it the bank's law  also  because they can do  it.. 

 Went on web and I did  find  any evidence of this  to be  true ..     Need feedback  or help me   how  i get my  private  info released  from the  bank..  i will close  all my acct with them later ..

Shorebreak   |     |   4,118 posts since 2010
It may be illegal what the notary did...
Since notaries cannot legally keep a copy of the documents they notarize, keeping a log of notarial acts is the best way to maintain records.

Best Protection for Notaries Against Lawsuits: Keep Accurate Records! | On My Way Mobile Notary S.A.
Here are the New Jersey Notary Public Statutes. I cannot find any reference regarding a notary keeping copies of documents. I would call the office of the NJ Secretary of State regarding what the bank did and file a complaint if need be.