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Bank Of America Making Enhancements To Credit Card Systems 2/5 - 2/11/15

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On the account summary page this morning: 

Thank you for being a valued customer. In order to better serve you, we will be making enhancements to our credit card systems from February 5 to February 11. Use of your credit card will not be affected while we make the updates, and your transactions and payments will continue processing. At times, some of the information you see online will not be current and some credit card services will not be accessible.

What you need to know while we make updates to better serve you:

Using your credit card You may use your credit card as usual.

Credit card balance and transaction information:   Your credit card transactions will process as usual, but will show as pending. You can view your credit card balance, but it may not be current at times.

Credit card payments You should plan to make any payments to your credit card before Saturday, February 7, or after Sunday, February 8. You may not be able to make or change a payment to your credit card by phone or online between Saturday, February 7, and Sunday, February 8. Payments you make at other times during the updates will process as usual but will show as pending. Electronic recurring or one-time charges Charges to your credit card will process as usual but will show as pending.

Credit card statement and alert delivery

  • Some February credit card statements will be sent a few days later than usual. We’ll change the payment due date going forward to account for the delay.
  • You will continue to receive alerts, but some may be delayed.

Credit card rewards Your rewards will continue to accrue; however, there will be times during the updates when you won’t able to access rewards information or redeem rewards by phone or online.