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cumulus   |     |   1,012 posts since 2010
Additions via Kiplinger
Ally6770   |     |   2,379 posts since 2010
All of these deals are on my grocery bloggers site and are on every week with their 3 or 4 emails. They are under the stores names, or under Restaurants name etc. 

I have a $10 reward coupon from my grocery store this week, I won a $25 gift card to my grocery store last night at the credit union annual meeting we could pick our choice of prizes and I left the $50 card for those that had children, and there is a 25% coupon off the spinner duffel bag I want, (I prefer a duffel bag over my spinner luggage) but my husband's duffel bag does not have spinner wheels) and I have a $5 off $50 spent at my store today. So my groceries and duffel bag will be free or nearly free after my coupons this week. 
Thank you for posting this for those that don't use bloggers for their shopping. 
Ally6770   |     |   2,379 posts since 2010
Just home home from the grocery store. Paid $34.71 before the $25 gift card so paid $9.71 out of pocket and saved another $117.30 with coupons and sale items and on-line coupons and this includes a medium size duffel bag on spinner wheels. The duffel bag cost more than $34.71.  The only sales for me next week will be 4 pkgs of pocket bread and flat bread that I will get for 50¢ instead of $3.29 each if I can find space in the freezer. With the bloggers in my area we get the following weeks Sunday ads starting Thursday with many of the links to coupons for the sale items. 
paoli2   |     |   2,428 posts since 2011
Ally,  what in Hot Fried Juniper beans are you talking about?  Who are these "bloggers" who are saving you all this money?  Why do you even need to go to all that trouble at this time in your life?  Don't you even intend on spending any of it?  I would go more nuts than I already am if I had to spend my days figuring out how to get flat bread for 50 cents.  I don't even eat flatbread but I have a feeling you will learn to like it if you can get it that cheap.  I get exhausted just reading what you do to get all these cheapies but I can't stop myself from reading them!  It's like an addiction!   

Next time I go shopping I may just come on DA and write about everything I bought and what I actually spent.  "You" should be sure not to read the post since it may be too much for you to cope with.  Maybe you can get our "Mustsavemore" poster to start blogging for his food and he can save some money for a CD.  Now that I would love to see happen!
peacejogger   |     |   21 posts since 2011
Ally, the bloggers in my area (way down South) help me save a ton as well.  I am kind of lazy about it but when I put forth a bit of effort, I do quite nicely.  I travel a LOT, so money saved on necessities gives me more to play with when the next trip rolls around.  Then again, even when traveling, I never pay full price for anything.  I suspect if I ever win the lottery, I will keep right on with my frugal habits.  Saving money is kind of addicting and why would you pay more for something if you can pay less?  My tickets to Walt Disney World have ALWAYS cost more than my hotel room for the week!  Hee Hee