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Question About Bill Pay Banks

kindyjames   |     |   1 posts since 2015

Hello please i am looking for a bank account or FCU whose bill pay is very active, i mean when i make i bill paymen, it deposit in the recievers bank account as cash or bill payment that is fast to deliver to the recipient. I need a good bank recommendation.

klink   |     |   183 posts since 2012
Having checked all the banks in my area on this specific issue I have been using Wells Fargo for years. My research was done after being a account holder at WF , trying to find a faster method that didn't require alot of hassle to get the service for free. By maintaining a certain balance I am able to get all my services for free. I only use WF for their bill pay system and don't keep anything over the minimum required to do so. At present my time lapse between send and recieve(sp?) on all my bill pays is 2 days. Good luck in your hunt.
paoli2   |     |   2,432 posts since 2011
I started up with Fifth Third Bank's Billpay and it has always paid the bills on the date I select.  I make sure we have enough money deposited into the checking account and when I get the bills, I go into their Billpay and select the date I want them paid and the amount.  It has never failed me so far.The bills have always been paid on the dates I select for each payee.  

The only problem I have with this type of Billpay is one has to be able to go on line and remember to put the needed info in ahead of due date or they won't be paid.  I am in the process of changing the way I do it now so that if anything happens to me, my "uncomputer savvy" spouse will still be able to know that the bills will be paid if he remembers to keep enough money in their checking account.  Since the amounts of our bills can change monthly, I can't set it up to just do all the autopay from their end.