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Happy Thanksgiving, Ken!

pearlbrown   |     |   2,299 posts since 2010

Ken,  best wishes and sincere thanks to you, as well as to your colleagues and technical partners, for all the hard work, dedication, and commitment to bringing us the best deposit deals.    Your efforts are very much appreciated, and you and DA will feature prominently in the counting of my blessings tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family and to all in our deal-seeking community.  May this holiday season bring all of us good health, peace,  prosperity and the time to enjoy them with our loved ones.  

cumulus   |     |   1,034 posts since 2010
Well said pearlbrown; thank you.

Thanksgiving humor footnote: When assigned to write an essay on What They Were Most Thankful for this Thanksgiving, one second grader wrote: "I'm thankful I'm not a Turkey". ;)
pearlbrown   |     |   2,299 posts since 2010
Thanks for a good laugh, Cumulus.  I think t would be funny if turkeys took a page from a certain restaurant's cow-themed marketing campaign ("Eat more chikin") and started a marketing campaign of their own:  "Eat more ham" or "Ham:  gobble it up". 
Ricochet   |     |   362 posts since 2010
TY as well< for putting my thoughts
into words
Anon456   |     |   153 posts since 2011
and MUCHO GRAVY from me as well.  You have made DEPOSITACCOUNTS one of my GOTO sites each day.  I must have found some half dozen or more SPECIALS I was able to use over the last year, plus good info and advise from many of the other readers of your service.

paoli2   |     |   2,465 posts since 2011
Ditto from me too, Pearl.  Happy Everything to all!