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51hh   |     |   1,748 posts since 2010

Highest rate will drop from 5.09% to 4.59%, effective 2/1/16.

pearlbrown   |     |   2,299 posts since 2010
Called the CU this morning and a friendly CSR confirmed that letters have started going out to members, and the website will be updated with the following info by the end of the month.    Changes are effective 2/1/16. 

For accounts currently earning 5.09%:

APY decrease from 5.09% to 4.59% is the only change.  Qualifying bal cap of $20K is unchanged.   Number of RCA transactions and credit card transaction $1K min spend requirement is unchanged. 

Accounts currently earning 4.09%: will now be earning 3.59%.  The transaction requirement on the associated credit card is changing from a minimum of 12 transactions to a minimum total of $500 in credit card transactions   The qualifying balance cap for this tier is changing from $20K to $15K.