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Penfed Late On Mailing Interest Checks. Anyone Else Experience The Same?

Kirkland   |     |   14 posts since 2014

So I have had several of the 3% 5 year CD's for 2 years now and have the monthly interest checks mailed to me. My checks have always been mailed the very next business day, however not so this month. They are dated the 7th and should have been mailed on the 8th.... but were not mailed/postmarked till the 12th. Anyone else experience the same and should we be concerned about a cash crunch?

klink   |     |   160 posts since 2012
While not CD interest. I do get a payment from Pen Fed by check each month and it was late by 6 days. I'm not worried and mark it off to several holidays and bad weather. This month the check got here a day early.
Ratesaver   |     |   20 posts since 2013
My penfed cd's are rollover cd's however I don't believe you should be worried... However, I have just had a cd notice not sent at all... I am on top of everything and noticed it coming due... I called and they said they did not know why.... Well, today I went to the credit union and the csr admitted some were not sent out by some error... I cashed it in and I won't be doing business with them further.... But you can imagine having it roll over at the .80% and not knowing.... They should have contacted me... Well, good luck
Ratesaver   |     |   20 posts since 2013
Oh ;;;; It was not Penn Fed,,,