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Ally Adds Aggregation Service Clause. /Nothing Serious

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B.Aggregation ServicesIf you choose to share your Password and/or Account Information with an Aggregator or other third-party you acknowledge and agree that (i) we are not responsible for helping the Aggregator or third-party in any way and will not be responsible for the information retrieved by the Aggregator or third-party; (ii) we will not be responsible to you for any losses that may result from you sharing yourPassword, using the Aggregation Service; (iii) you are responsible to review the security and privacystandards of the Aggregator or third-party and to determine what your liability will be in connectionwith the Aggregation Service; (iv) you will change your Password immediately when you end theAggregation Service; and (v) we have the right to prevent Aggregators or third-parties from accessingyour Accounts