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carnholio   |     |   11 posts since 2010
This has been ongoing for the last several months, and it seems to be one person posting under numerous (presumably unregistered) avatars.

My suggestion would be to require approval for unregistered posts to show up on the blog comments.  This may curtail some of the "im betting on 6 banks to fail this week buy 5 percent bonds but not from georgia illonois (sic) or florida" nonsense.
Ken Tumin
Ken Tumin   |     |   5,980 posts since 2009
Thanks cactus and carnholio for alerting us to this problem. One plan we have to deal with the off-topic and nonsensical comments is to blacklist certain IPs from posting anonymously. Most of these types of comments appear to be coming from just one IP address.

Please make sure to use the "report spam" button on any comment that you think is either abusive or nonsensical. It's not just for spam comments.
carnholio   |     |   11 posts since 2010
Again, the trolling on the blog seems to be getting out of hand; for example, these threads:



And again, the trolling seems to come from the same person who has been trolling the blog for the last couple of years.  If it's practical, you may want to consider moderator approval of unregistered comments in addition to IP blocking.