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Signon.Org's Savers Petition

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I read a post yesterday from another poster giving us a link to sign a Savers Petition on SignOn.org.  I was glad to have an available Petition to sign to voice my deep concern about the low savings rates put upon savers.  I was able to get a couple of signers but know that we have several posters in this group who seemed eager to find and sign such a Petition.  This takes the toil off of Ken for trying to provide one for our group.   

Since this Petition is already available and needs signatures, I do urge anyone who is willing to take part to please help the cause by signing the Petition if you are in agreement with it.  Please be sure to read it and any Disclosures and if it is something you feel you can participate in, I hope we can get enough signatures to get this Petition to Washington.   Thanks so much for your help!