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Adding A New Topic Thread To The Forums Bar

Ricochet   |     |   329 posts since 2010

Hi Ken ... What do you think about adding a separate ISOLATED "Bank and Credit Union Complaints" Topic.

IT is usually The fault of the poster that brings the complaints or standard financial protocol.

Sure would bring down the countless BS complaints posted to the forum threads. They really distract from the quality of the forum ( in my opinion )

Maybe a poll to isolate or just drop it on us and see how it goes?

Ken Tumin
Ken Tumin   |     |   5,947 posts since 2009
Is the concern that these complaint threads are filling up the "latest threads/posts" page?

There's also the "featured threads" page which only shows threads that have been given featured status. I typically only give featured status to complaints if they provide some useful information.
Ricochet   |     |   329 posts since 2010
Ken to your question ... Yes

And I will pay more attention to the featured thread, but I bet the lastest posts tab is the most highly clicked.

I appreciate that you take the time trying to screen posts.