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2987 Clairmont Road, Ne, Suite 150
Atlanta, GA 30329

Brookhaven Bank is no longer doing business under that name because it has been merged or acquired. See the successor institution Georgia Commerce Bank.

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Reviews (5)

Brookhaven Bank Sucks

Brookhaven Bank is a bad and uncaring neighbor placing a value on their expenses over that of public safety. See the site brookhavenbanksucks to understand more of the story about how they are leaving property they own, in the vibrant area of Brookhaven Hills unsecured and falling down after two fires have partially damaged them.

Small Bank With Great Customer Service

I have been at this bank for over 5 years, without any issue. There was once an accidental double charge for a certain fee on my account, but that was resolved in 2 minutes with a simple phone call. I think that's pretty good in 5 years! Think about the last time you had an issue with your mega bank and had to resolve it...

Fees are not too generous, but not crazy either. I know I'll incur fees for overdraft, etc. so all I have to do is manage my balance correctly. I did have the great 5% interest rate on the checking account when I opened mine, but just like ANY bank out there, it dwindled to the current low rates. I don't have a problem with that as I understand that the market couldn't sustain such a high rate. I have several accounts at other online banks and have seen the same thing. This is not the bank's fault.

Never had an issue with Bill Pay and find it easy to use. If I ever have a question, I can get an ACTUAL PERSON on the line in about 2 rings. I come in maybe once a year and they always remember me! How nice to deal with people, rather than robots that have no heart.

I recommended this bank to my family, so of course I would recommend it here. I just found out though that they are merging with Georgia Commerce Bank, also with just a few locations, so I hope the small bank feel stays this way. I will never go back to a monster mega bank!

Thank you Brookhaven Bank team!

Brookhaven Bank

I am delighted to be a customer of Brookhaven Bank.  The staff always recognize me, call me by name, and serve me efficiently and pleasantly.  What a wonderful change from the Big Banks, where customers come last.

AWFUL Costomer Service - STAY AWAY

This bank is a wolf in sheep's clothing. They promote the same policies as the big banks, but try to cover it up with the "small bank" feel. Do not be fooled. They do not care about customers unless they maintain huge accounts. Give your money to someone else.

Not Very Rewarding!

This bank's "E-lite" interest checking went from 4% up to 50k, down to 1.5% to 15k in less than two years! Terrible!


We do not have health information for Brookhaven Bank, because it is no longer an operational bank.


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Sorry, but we do not have location data for Brookhaven Bank. Its headquarters is located at 2987 Clairmont Road, Ne, Suite 150 - Atlanta, GA 30329