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185 East Market Street
Warren, OH 44481

First Place Bank is no longer doing business under that name because it has been merged or acquired. See the successor institution Talmer Bank and Trust.

Reviews (3)

“This Is The Worst Bank I Have Ever Tried To Work With. ”

  Dave Stellin was recommended to me by my real estate agent. Dave Stellin ran the numbers through his spread sheet and dismissed me out of hand. He did not return my call for a week and told me he worked on commission for closing loans, "I don't get paid to tell you no" He would not even give me an amount that I would need down to make the deal work. Very dissapointed.

Will Not Cash Checks Drawn On Their Own Accounts

On Thursday, 6/7/12 I tried to cash my paycheck at the First Place Bank located in Northville, MI. I had my drivers license, several other pieces of identification and a company credit card with my name on it. The woman at the counter, Kathy, told me that they would not cash the check due to the fact that I did not have an account with them. I was surprised to hear this, I figured that they would have some sort of fee, but did not expect that they would not honor a check from their own location and from a local account. The paycheck was from a company that has the account with the Northville branch, and is only three miles away from them. I asked her to call and verify with my employer that I had just picked up my paycheck and she refused. Why anyone would bank with this type of place is beyond me. I was in need of cash to pick up some prescriptions and did not want to wait for the paycheck to clear my regular bank. Since my company does not offer direct deposit I thought this would be the fastest route to cashing my paycheck. After being refused service, I took the check to my bank and explained to the manager what had occurred. Not only did they say that they had never heard of this before, they cashed my check on the spot and allowed me to do what I needed to do. You will notice I did not name my bank, as this is not an ad for them, this is just my way of letting people know the First Place Bank is really second rate.

Three Months Into A Refi Process From &*(^%

Three months into a refi process that should have taken 2 weeks.  Involves one dealyed clsing and two bank cancelled clsings.  Most issues involve unwarranted requests for insurance coverages or loss payees.  For example they are insisting on HO6 coverage of 20% when Fannie Mae regs clearly indicate that is no longer necessarily required under HO6SVC-2011-23.


We do not have health information for First Place Bank, because it is no longer an operational bank.


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Sorry, but we do not have location data for First Place Bank. Its headquarters is located at 185 East Market Street - Warren, OH 44481