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As a former Bank Officer of this bank, I believe no person in the USA should have any dealings with this pathetic institution.  The internal and external technologies are gruesome!  20 years behind the times for customers and employees alike. They purchased thousands of Texas banks and them found out the reason they were for sale was because of BILLIONS of DOLLARS of failing loans.  The Mortgage Department is HORRIFIC. Employees won't even use the loan department because it is so ass-backwards and 90% of customers miss their closing dates. Since being purchased by BBVA in Spain, almost every American in a high level managerial position was "Early Retired" and a new manager from Spain was sent to the US.  If you do not have a Spanish/Mexican last name forget about getting a high level/high paying job.  When adding new management, they actually pass over candidates with higher education and experience for a bilingual candidate with a Spanish surname. They have a corporate matrix that shows the average hourly cost of each employee in each country they operate.  They compare the cost of US workers to those employees in India and Latin America and say the US workers are "Too Expensive" and have been cutting pay scales and benefits for years in the US. STAY AWAY FROM THIS RINKY DINK BANK!

Do NOT Use This Bank! Put Your Commercial Accounts Someplace Else.

This is the worst bank (if possible) for your company to use. If you like to pay 100's of dollars every month in bank fees for no reason, have your company's credit wrecked, deal with ever-changing policies that are made up on the spur of the moment and a credit card company that is apparently not part of the same company, this bank is for you. This bank and cc company, whatever it is, do not follow the US laws or regulations. You can't log in to the cc company account, you can't even get them to change your address without a huge deal that takes months to accomplish and requires a formal complaint. If you've already opened your commercial accounts here - RUN while you still can! This is the Hotel California of banks - it is in business only to steal your money and ruin your company. This site won't let me do less than a 1-star rating. Note there are no personal attacks in this posting - I am sure the employees are as unhappy as the customers.

Compass Bank Supports Cyber Thieves

My plumbing business account was hijacked through Compass Banks data bases, drained down to zero, and the so called investigation determined that the charges were authorized... ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

This account was only used for very specific purchases, fuel & plumbing supplies only, and then all of the sudden charges from all over the country start popping up, movies, makeup, clothes, dating services, acne medications, Facebook, etc etc. I own a PLUMBING COMPANY IN COLORADO, somebody went on a wild shopping spree at my expense and Compass Bank says there is nothing they will do about it because the investigation has determined that the charges were authorized. Authorized by who? A 15 year old girl in Los Angeles?.

On top of that, they have the nerve to charge my account into the negative with there never ending fees, which they now expect me to pay, even after all the money was stolen & my account is zero. Save yourself alot of grief by closing your Compass Bank accounts ASAP, before they let cyber criminals steal it all.

BBVA Unethical Practices!!!!

BBVA will steal your money with FEES.

Not For The 99%

I had my checking account with Guareentee bank since I was old enough to have one. They got bought out by this bank the same year I joined peace corps. I made the mistake of not paying attention to the increasing account fees partly out of ignorance, yes, but I had only monthly access to internet, and since I wasn't using it for 2 years it didn't cross my mind to check up on it. Needless to say I closed it angerly. $20 a month unless you are eligible for their waiver program, while I've been making $200 abroad, volunteering, a chunk of that has been taken from these thieves.

Please avoid this bank unless you have so much money, you qualify for get their waivers.

If I had a BBVA in the town I live in, I'd be handing out pamphlets to people, educating them on the reasons not to bank there.

This bank is NOT for the 99%.

Former Employee

BBVA Compass prides itself on being the best bank to work for, and frankly it is bull crap. I worked at this bank for almost 5 years, had to fight for a promotion and threaten to quit. I even worked out a notice to be offered a promotion over an hour from my house. I have a small child, so I took this, but was unable to make the drive. I quit, and now they have me as no rehire. Which I believe is crap. They are one of the lowest paying banks. No one knows what they are doing there. The right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing. They charge customers tons of fees, and offer no help when an accidental overdraft occurs. I know this because I was a Financial Sales Advisor and was told not to give any fees back under any circumstances. I would not recommend this bank for employment or for customers.


The Worst Ever! PERIOD!!! If I Could Do Less Than 1 Star... I WOULD!

Terrible customer service. Horrid! I could go on and on and on! The will charge you NSF fees, without cause once your balance falls below a certain amount, then treat you as if you were a child. The will give you a reason for their charges, like pending VS posted... time transactions post... all of it is BS! I live and breathe by online banking. I am not a reckless spender. If something may, MAY make me go under a certain balance, I transfer money! Not rocket science! Oh, by the way... my own personal banker has told me on more than 1 occasion that She "does not agree with their banking practices" her words, not mine! I have direct deposit along with 2 savings acct. I LIVE by the available balance. I have been given the run around and cornered them in so many excuses, it is pathetic. If someone steals money from you, you would fight to get it back, right? This is very bad business! They are con artists to say the least.  I am disgusted! Oh, 1 more thing. If you do encounter 1 NSF fee, be assured you will have at least 4 or 5 more... why? Not 1 single person can tell me. NOT ONE! For EVERY excuse they offer, if you counter it... you will just be given some other half assed excuse. UNBELIEVABLE! I wouldn't recommend this institution to anyone... anytime! PERIOD!

Not Reliable For Business Accounts

BVAA Compass decided to cull company accounts not deemed profitable enough.  Mine was one of the ones they decided to close.  By the time I got back from a business trip to Europe and wanted to deposit some checks, the account was closed and they claimed to have sent the money in the account to the State of Colorado. The local bank claims this was initiated by the national office and when I called the national office "customer service" they claimed it was initiated by the local office. State website claims there is no money under my company name.

Run, run for your life. Your company success could actually be on the line if you select BVAA Compass.

Worst Bank EVER!!!!

I have never been so disapponited in the ethics of a company.  Their fees are outragious.  They do not care about their customers at all.  They will not have my business any longer.  Be very aware that this bank will robb you in fees and they have no answers for why this is happening.



Excellent Experience

I have been banking with Compass for over 4 years now and have had nothing but positive experiences with them.  They have graciously removed an overdraft fee in the past when my account accidentally went in the red and all around have been very helpful when working with me.  I feel that my money is safe at Compass.

Compass Bank

I called the credit card customer service to inquire how a large transaction would be classified on a rewards card. I asked to talk to a manager and still got the wrong information. This cost me a significant amount of money but they would never do anything about it. The rewards program is handled by another company who never seem to know anything so it is impossible to keep track of rewards or which transactions are classified as getting a higher reward. I do not trust this company and have ceased doing business with it forever.

Horrible Customer Service

I lost my password to my online banking, and also got a new computer.  I have called the bank 5 or 6 times and they cannot get me back on online.   They sent me a letter to confirm that I had a new password, but neither the letter has a link on a password reset.   What a joke.

So,  the logical alternative is to call and do business over the phone, one would think.  Nope,   one of my accounts is "inactive" so I can't make transfers from that account.  More paperwork is needed.....

When I wanted to cancel a CD, they told me to fax a notarized request, with my driver license to a nonexistent fax number.  When I sent it by the regular mail, they never complied with my request.  

So, when I visit the bank to withdraw my funds, what will the excuse be?  I sincerely suspect that they will make it difficult.   Dreadful, horrible experience. 


Mrs. CW Carlson

Fees Go Up

I was hit with a $2.00 fee to check my account balance - I wasn't aware BBVA Compass had added a fee for non network ATMs - but I wouldn't have expected a fee to simply check a balance. Anyone in IT knows there is almost no cost associated with something like this once the software parameters have been set. Apparently word went out in the paper statements. I generally don't open them because I manage my account on-line. Anyway, when checking the balance, I had enough to cover the purchase. The $2.00 wasn't deducted until after I checked the balance. I ended up being .50 short in my account and was charged a $38.00 overdraft fee. My fault? Yes. Fair? I don't think it was, but it was a charge I earned by not paying close enough attention. I rarely use ATMs so didn't see the new fees being added.

I complained to my branch and they refunded the fee, but left the big red OD line on my statement and heaped a bit of shame on me for my mistake. I then looked around and found their fees for an overdraft are quite high, even for the Denver area. I also learned $2.00 is a high charge to check one's balance. So, I consider myself chastized and am ashamed of myself for my mistake. So ashamed in fact I am moving my account to another bank next week.

Run. Find A Different Bank.

Worst bank ever. I wish I had read the reviews before I signed on. They will take your money by any means necessary. I don't understand how their business practices aren't considered criminal and fraudulent. Awful customer service to boot. Everyone that works for this company has been drinking the same KoolAid. I don't know how any of them sleep at night.

$50 To ACH - Yes Really

Compass is instituting a $50 "set up: fee to ACH out of any account (not just "commercial" according to a CSR I spoke with).'ve got to be anyone really going to pay that!  Then, after the inital $50, they will charge $1/ACH....

Compass Bought Guaranty Bank And Trashed A Great Bank!

I bank with numerous banks.  I have NEVER had the consistent problems with any company that I have ever dealt with before in my life.  Numerous charges for their mistakes that would take me WEEKS to fix.  (Including trying keep my excellent reputation in tact.) 

Totally deleting my statements and then CHARGING me to have paper ones sent to me.

Losing deposits and then not posting them to the correct accounts.

Customer service reps that say they will call back with information and NEVER call after repeat requests for follow up.

They are an absolute disaster!  We switched almost every account over to Wachovia (which has now been bought by Wells Fargo) and they have reminded me how incredibly easy it is to have professional people do their job with multiple accounts.

It's a shame Compass had to ruin Guaranty and force us to other banks.





I opened an account with this bank when they were Guaranty Bank.  I loved that bank and didn't have any issues with the direct deposits, transfers or bill pay.  I used to get nickle rewards whenever I used my debit card, and if I ever had to use my card out of network, they would reimburse the ATM fee.  

Then along came the buyout.  BBVA Compass buys out Guaranty and it has become one nightmare after another.  

I make less than $1000.00 a month and have a very strict budget I live on.  I was told my direct deposits are considered a pending transaction on the day my employers "electronically" deposit my paycheck, and are available for use immediatly.  I have bills to pay as soon as I get my monthly paycheck.  I receive word our paychecks have been deposited (on a Tuesday), and I go online to pay my bills.  3 days later I get 3 postcards from BBVA stating my account had been overdrawn, bilsl paid,  but I was charged $38.00 NSF fees.  OMG I am furious.  I recheck the balance on my account online and it shows my deposit never went in till Thursday.  WTF.  I had left just enough money in my account to eat on for the month, and now I was completely broke and in the hole by all the overdraft and NSF fees BBVA deemed to be appropriate.  

I went to the bank to speak to someone about these charges and printouts from their website showing when my paycheck first was on the pending transactions with the Tuesday date listed and the printout from Friday morning when I found out I was completely in the hole.  I spoke to someone who could not and would not give me a straight answer.   She made one excuse after another as to how a electronic deposit takes up to two days to actually be deposited into the bank and be available for use by the customer.  BULL***T!!!!  I had proof the deposit was there on the tuesday, and proof it was not credited till thursday.  I explained to her that any idiot can tell the difference between an electronic deposit and one made in person.  I showed her the contract I first signed with Guaranty, and she told me that contract became voided once they were bought out by BBVA, and I had been sent and signed a new contract when the buyout had been completed.  Again BULL***T!!  I asked her to prove to me I signed a new contract for my checking account when BBVA took over.  She couldn't.  

To make a long story even longer (lol) since she couldn't prove to me I signed a new contract (which I did not do), I told her I wanted my money put back they had taken from me in OD charges and NSF fees, or I was going to take my printed statements, and printed online copies of my account to a lawyer and sue them for stealing, then file claims with the FDIC and BBB.  She had to speak to a supervisor (which she told me she was when I first got there), got the authority to put back all my money, but it would take up to 36 hours for it to be there. Funny, it didn't take them that long to take it out of my account.   I told her if they ever did this again, then I will file suits against them.  

What they are doing is ILLEGAL and UNETHICAL.  Needless to say I did not learn my lesson with them, and just recently I am having the same issues with them, but this time they are not messing with my paycheck (moved that to a different bank) but they are messing with my fiance's weekly deposits made by his trucking company.  His company "electronically" deposited a $1800.00 paycheck before noon on Friday.   Electronically is Immediately, and any deposits made before 3pm Monday - Friday are available for use by 9am the following morning.  Electronic deposits are available for use immediately, based on their (BBVA's) policy.  That paycheck showed up on Friday under pending, and once again it was NEVER made available to us until Monday, which once again, I paid bills and had to withdraw money for travel, and we got 6 $38.00 NSF fee's and overdraft fees because of their irreputable standards.  


BBVA Compass Bank Sucks - No Regards For Customers

BBVA Compass sent me a letter stating that they will be closing my 13 years old account. I went to two BBVA Compass Branches, called the phone# on the letter (877-297-8803) and no one can tell me why. tthe Reps i spoke to told me there's nothing wrong with my account but BBVA Compass is uncomfortable with it.  When I asked what they are uncomfortable with, no one at BBVA Compass seem to know. Per the reps on 877-297-8803,  they do not have to tell my why they are closing my account. What a shame... after 13 years BBVA cannot tell me what I did wrong and why they are closing my account? BBVA compass customer beware, someone at BBVA Compass can wake up one day and decide to close your account for no single reason, they do not owe you an explanation...


I agree with the other posts. This bank is terrible. They allow ignorant people to manage accounts. One example: despite having a $230,000.00 loan through this Bank in my husband's name and my name and having a deposit account for close to two years in which countless checks are deposited, the Farmer's Branch, TX, location refuses to deposit a check made out to my husband and ENDORSED by him in my checking account because his name is not on my account. So, three days after depositing into their ATM and receiving a receipt, I get a call to either come pick them up or they will mail them to me . . . ENDORSED CHECKS. They want me to let them put endorsed checks in the mail or come back to their branch. This despite the fact that I deposit endorsed checks in every other BBVA banking location. I called their customer service line and they tried to help but ultimately said their was nothing they could do to force the branch to deposit them. Their advice was to take my husband up there and add him to my account, my response was that I will be closing my account and no longer doing business with them!

Quickbooks Nightmare.

I work for an accounting firm and Compass no longer supports QuickBook downloads. You can log on through QBs, but you must be the primary user having full access to the account. No bank should require a client to give their accountant total access to the bank account. Plus you can't specify a time period to download account activity. It dumps all transactions since your last download into QBs.

Horrible Bank

I would close out everything they charge for everything and all about making money and dont care about their customers. The are so money driven its sad. I feel bad for anyone that banks with such a bad bank.

Terrible Experience

Here's just the last anecdote from few years using Compass as my primary bank:

My wife and I had separate checking accounts and we shared a joint account solely for joint expenses and to transfer money to each other (because Clueless Compass employees couldn't set up a way for me to do a direct transfer). After a couple years with no problems, they unexpectedly began charging me $10.95 a month for the joint account. At the same time, a separate business checking account was also getting this charge.

It took several phone calls with Clueless CSRs, a few unanswered emails, and two visits to two separate, Clueless branch managers to figure this out - but they eventually told me the account was not going to be free any more unless I had $400 directly deposited each month. Not happy, but I changed my paycheck to put in $200 each payday (totaling at least $400 a month). After seeing the charge for the next two months, I went back in and eventually one of the Clueless Ones figured out that it had to be $400 all at once.

I explained that I was just going to transfer the $400 back out the next day, but it was out of his control. I asked if he could refund the amount that I had been charged based on his bad advice, they couldn't help me. I explained that this was the last straw and I was going to be closing my accounts - he said sorry.

This really is just one example of many bad interactions - if I didn't have so much stuff tied to that account I would have left years before.

BBVA Compass Can Ruin Your Credit Years After Doing Business With Them.

BBVA Compass is a collection of smaller banks merging policies and practices equal to extortion.  They will ruin your credit years after you cease doing business with them.  Move all your money today, open no new businesses and stay away.  If you work there, start interviewing. This is the worst banking service ever.

Ridiculous Fees

Why would anyone use this bank when there are so many better options out there?

BBVA Compass

Poor customer service. The bank does not care about you as a customer, nor do they care about keeping you as a customer if you are not happy with there fee increases. The customer service agent in Tucson Foothills Branch named "Laura" said the banks have lost a lot of money over the past few years, and that they need to make it up, so they are doing that by increasing the fees they charge their customers. What Laura did not tell me, and that I already know, is that banks invest the money you deposit daily and make hoards of money from that. This bank will nickel and dime it's customers until there customer base diminishes and they can no longer afford to stay in business.



Refi Takes Five Months, Then Denied By Saen Malone So Called Underwriter.

I would NOT recommend this bank to anyone doing any kind of loan......Take your money to a Credit Union...No Fees and have common sense. Miss Guarantee....This Bank BBVA SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

My Experience With BBVA Compass

I am very pleased with BBVA Compass. I have several accounts with this bank in Birmingham,Alabama USA, and I could not be happier with their performance. They are always one step ahead of the other banks, and I don't think I would ever consider using any other bank. CWM- VESTAVIA HILLS, ALABAMA.

ACH? Try A $50 Set Up Fee!!!!

Oh yeah, Compass is initiating a $50, yes you read that right, FIFTY DOLLAR "set up" fee to ACH from the Compass side.....on all accounts.....I couldn't believe it. I have 2 business checking accounts and a MMA acct, and you'd better believe I won't be using the new "ACH" for a $50 fee. When I called, a CSR told me this was comparable to "standard market" fees. REALLY!!!!!

So Far, So Good

Moved money in a wire transfer from my credit union, which was undercapitalized. BBVA manager invited me into her office in Riverside, CA, gave me handouts and brochures when I was bank shopping. The account setup was painless and fast and took less than 10 minutes. Ther Texas rating is excellent and the customer service is great. The bank tellers say hello when I walk in. Good folks. Nice bank. And Compass never took TARP funds.

Rediculious In So Many Ways

At first I thought this bank was a great bank. That didn't last long at all. I then started to have problems with their website, and then had the the outside teller machine take my card. Then the worst thing of all was when I had been shown the day before that 4 pending transactions showed my account balance to still be in the black. Those same charges that were in the black the day before were all in the red. Even just after a $10.26 charge that made all four transactions now in the red. It makes "0" sense to me that this can be possible when the day before they were fine and just 1 $10.26 charge could cause them all to go into the red. Very Dissatisfied and warning others!