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$200 Citibank Checking Account/Credit Card Deal


Citibank has a very good checking account/credit card deal. Two people have reported receiving this offer in the mail and have posted it on fatwallet and slickdeals. The deal requires opening a Citi checking account by 3/3/06. The first $100 will be given after 120 days. The second $100 will be given 90 days after linking the checking account to a Citi credit card and paying the bill by transferring funds. Offer is not valid to existing Citibank checking customers.

The checking account can be opened by phone, but not online. The number is 1-866-810-9040 and you must mention code MVR3.

Many on the threads have reported success by calling that number. The Citibank EZ Checking Account qualifies for this deal and has the lowest requirements to avoid fees. These include either maintaining a $1,500 combined average balance during the statement period, making 2 bill payments, or direct deposit. Citibank is offering a 4.25% 6-month CD which would count as part of the $1,500 combined balance.

If you don't have a Citi credit card, you may want to consider the Citi Diamond Preferred Rewards Card which has a $100 gift card sign-up bonus (see post). Another good one is the Citi Dividend Platinum Select Card. There's no sign-up bonus, but it has a great cash back program. You get a full 5% cash back on supermarket, gas station and drugstore purchases and 1% on all other purchases, up to $300 a year. Here's the Citi page that lists all of available cards.

Comment #1 by Anonymous posted on
i signed up for this promo and have been religious in following the rules. have been transferring payment from this account to my citibank credit card and also making two online bill payments per month.

they sent me a letter stating that the mvr3 offer code was sent only to some customer and only applies to the person who received the offer.

what should i do.

Comment #2 by Banking Guy (anonymous) posted on
Banking Guy
Sorry to read about the problems Citibank is giving you.

I would recommend making a copy of the ad scan available at the top of the FW thread. Then call with that copy of the ad. Keep calling and if necessary try to speak to a supervisor. They have had many different promos, so there might be some confusion.