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5.50% 11-Month CD at Digital Credit Union (open to all)


Digital Credit Union (DCU) has a new CD special: 5.50% APY (5.35% APR) 11-month certificate. The minimum deposit is $1K. The early withdrawal penalty is 45 days of interest. Additional funds of at least $100 can be added at any time. The CD application is available online. This must be printed out and mailed.

DCU is one of the credit unions that anyone in the US can join. DCU has a list of 7 associations in which anyone can join to become eligible. The New England Chapter, PRRT&HS is the cheapest to join with a membership fee of $12. The membership application can be done online here.

DCU has branches throughout Massachusetts. There are also a few in New Hampshire, Colorado and Georgia.

DCU is NCUA insured. It's a large credit union with $3.1 billion in assets and 276K members.

It has been awhile since DCU has come out with a competitive CD special. For the last several months the best special was only a 4.80% 8-month CD. For several times last year, DCU offered a very competitive 5% 16-month CD.

Thanks to Mark and another commenter who mentioned this new CD special in the finding deals post.

Comment #1 by Anonymous posted on
PRR Technical and Historical Society - New England Branch membership is now $15

Comment #2 by Hans (anonymous) posted on
I've been a DCU CD customer for five years. Yet, when I recently added checking to my account, they did an Equifax inquiry on me.