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New Citibank Checking Account Bonus - Free Plane Ticket


Citibank has been emailing people a new checking account promotion. They're offering a free round-trip plane ticket when you open a Citibank EZ Checking account, fund the account with $1,500 by 7/31/06 and sign up for direct deposit or make two bill payments per month at for six consecutive months. You can apply by phone: 1-800-374-9500 and you must mention offer code: CECA.

Credit for finding this deal goes to this SlickDeals thread. The thread has an image of the official offer. This FW thread has info on this same offer along with the small print. The offer seems to be limited to Citi Card members.

This could be a good deal especially if you were already planning to open the Citibank's 4.75% e-Savings Account (post), but you have to be careful with Citibank. Many have had trouble receiving the reward from Citibank's $200 checking account/credit card offer that came out last January.

Comment #1 by Banking Guy (anonymous) posted on
Banking Guy
There's also a $200 bonus available. It's the same as what I had posted on last December. This new promotion is good through 7/31/06. The new promo code is CD3J. Refer to this SlickDeal thread.

Comment #2 by Ash (anonymous) posted on
This deal is valid only for Citi Credit Card holders.

You can however, open a new Citi Credit card at the same time and get this deal.

Comment #3 by Anonymous posted on
And now they get a new plane, when will the greed and BAD business practice end, no ethics at Citibank. Did they miss the one when the auto CEO showed up in their private jets??Send the plane back and audit their books, why can't they fly like we do?

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