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Another Chance at $200 Citibank Checking Account/Credit Card Deal


Citibank has a new promotion code for its $200 checking account/credit card deal. This seems to be the same deal that I posted on in January. This new deal requires opening a Citi checking account by 8/31/06. The first $100 will be given after 120 days. The second $100 will be given 90 days after linking the checking account to a Citi credit card and paying the bill by transferring funds.

The new promotion code is MVR4. More details and a scan of the offer is at this FW thread. From the thread, it appears the best way to open the account is by phone at the number listed in the scan (1-866-335-1229).

It should be noted that many people reported problems in receiving the bonus from the previous promotion as indicated by this FW thread. I also know a friend who has yet to receive the bonus after many calls. However, several people have reported success with this promotion.

The Citibank EZ Checking Account qualifies for this deal and has the lowest requirements to avoid fees. These include either maintaining a $1,500 combined average balance during the statement period, making 2 bill payments, or direct deposit. The $1,500 balance can be met with the e-Savings account which can be opened once you have a checking account. The e-Savings account currently pays 5.00% APY (see post).

If you don't have a Citi credit card, there are a few that you can get which offer cash back and a sign-up bonus. Refer to this FW thread.

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Comment #1 by Anonymous posted on
I applied by phone on AUG 14 & both accounts were opened. On SEPT 3 (3 days after this offer expired) I received a letter saying that both accounts had been closed & that I should RE-APPLY at a financial center. WHY ?? Three hours on the phone, a trip to a center & speaking to MORE THAN 20 different people produced the same EXACT answer: "I do apologize but I do not have access to that information". Of course, if I re-applied, it would be without the $200 bonus ... but that couldn't be the reason, COULD IT ???

Comment #2 by Anonymous posted on
Citibank SUCKS. ;;-<<< &&& BANK of AMERICA ROCKS. :-)))
They do not know how to live up to their promise they make to accountholders. I opened the account over 19 months ago and felt like pulling teeth when having them live up to the first part of the offer.

For the second $100 that they need to credit to my account, it has taken forever and over 40 calls to remind them. Ever since they have outsourced their service to the people in global centers, who can't even pronounce their own names/aliases correctly, the service of CITIBANK has gone DOWN THE TUBES.

No wonder Chuck Prince can't get the stock up whereas Bank of America does much better.

On another note, BOA has fulfilled their promises and incentives without having them to be reminded.

Comment #3 by Anonymous posted on
I also had a lot of problems opening up my Citibank account. They opened it in the wrong state, and I'm still calling people to fix the problem. They have a lot of my money tied up, too.