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Citibank e-Savings Account Bonuses


I just noticed Citibank heavily advertising a $25 sign-up bonus for its e-Savings Account and EZ Checking package. Here's the promo link for the $25 bonus. There's also a $50 bonus that still seems to be available. Here's the $50 promo link. The $50 bonus page still has Citibank's old 5% rate. Unfortunately, it has recently been lowered to 4.75% APY. Both deals seem to be the same with no minimum deposits required. Also, both offers state that your relationship package will be free of monthly maintenance fees when you apply online. The $50 one has an 3/31/07 expiration date.

For those who are willing to make a larger deposit, you may still be able to get a $200 bonus. I gave this promo a try last October and did receive my first $100 bonus on December 1st. Refer to this post for the details. This promo does require a $1,500 initial deposit.

All of these promotions require you to be first-time Citibank deposit account customers. Now that the e-Savings account rate has fallen to 4.75%, it's not as attractive as it has been. Hopefully, Citibank won't continue the rate drops.

Credit to this FW thread for the $50 bonus promotion page.

Update 3/1/07: A new $25 bonus is available for Citibank's new Ultimate Savings Account which doesn't require the checking account. See this post for more info.

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