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New $50 Bonus for Citibank Ultimate Savings Account and Bonus Updates


Citibank has started a $50 sign-up bonus for its new Ultimate Savings Account. This bonus was mentioned at Citibank's home page yesterday, but I no longer see it today. However, the promotional page still shows $50 with the promo code CS64. The promotion expires on 4/30/07, and you must be a new Citibank deposit account customer. The Ultimate Savings Account is similar to the e-Savings Account, but without any checking account requirement. The only downside is that it has a slightly lower yield (4.65% APY).

[Update 5/11/07: Promo page for the $50 bonus now shows an end date of 6/30/07. Also, the e-Savings Account yield has gone down to 4.50% APY.]

$200 Citibank Bonus is still available

Citibank is still offering a $200 checking account bonus, and I just confirmed that the end date has been extended to 12/31/07. This one isn't listed online. There was a flyer with the promo code MGCH. The easiest way to apply for this promotion is by calling the Citibank number 1-866-810-9043 and mentioning this promo code. Please refer to this post for more details and for an overview of my experience with this promotion. So far I've received the first $100. One downside is that Citibank does do a hard credit inquiry through Experian.

Refer to this this page to see all of my recent previous Citibank posts.

Other Bank Bonuses

Wachovia is still offering a $50 bonus for opening a free checking account with no direct deposit requirements. However, this bonus will soon be expiring on 4/01/07 (see post).

HSBC still has a $75 bonus for opening its interest checking account. This one expires on 4/10/07. (see post).

For other recent checking and savings account bonuses, please refer to this page.

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Comment #1 by Mike (anonymous) posted on
For the $50 bonus for citibank ultimate savings account is there a hard inquiry?

Comment #2 by FR (anonymous) posted on
If I signed up for EZ checking today (with the initial $100 bonus), what are the chances that I could get the %50 bonus for the ultimate savings account?

Comment #3 by Anonymous posted on
Nice find. Most of the Citi promos I've seen in the past had so many strings they weren't worth dealing with. At least the Ultimate Savings only requires account opening and a "direct deposit" to avoid a monthly fee. Not too shabby!

Comment #4 by michelle (anonymous) posted on
I just signed up for the $200 one! Yay! I did it over the phone with no problem. I ACH'ed the $1500, although that will take 7-10 business days, the rep said.

I guess way back when you first let us know about it, I thought it would be too much work. But, today, I figured, what the hell? I've got some time today. I can change my work's direct deposit online, so it's pretty easy. I'll just need to be careful to make sure I transfer some $$ each month back to my old checking account to pay for all my automatic bill-pays (like Verizon).

I'm up for it. Thanks so much for bringing this up again.

Comment #7 by money grubber (anonymous) posted on
money grubber
I've yet to see a post from anyone out there who has opened a citibank checking account for the $200 bonus after the initial offer expiration of 3/31/07. Can anyone make such a claim or provide new information since that date?

Comment #8 by Roger (anonymous) posted on
The Ultimate Savings account is available to current Citi credit card customers without a checking account (promo CYAD). However, this accout has a restrictive external transfer policy - $5,000/day and $10,000/month.

Comment #9 by Anonymous posted on
Spoke with CSR today at Citi to sign up for ez checking and 5% mm account with $200 promotional code. CSR indicated Citi is no longer doing hard pulls for checking/savings accounts. Required a lot of personal info to open account. CSR was friendly and helpful.
Thanks all for contributions to this blog!

Comment #10 by Banking Guy (anonymous) posted on
Banking Guy
Thanks for the info. Glad to read they've ended the hard pulls.

Comment #11 by Raghuram (anonymous) posted on
Is this offer still available? I just now spoke with CSR and she told that she cannot find this promo code instead they have some other offer of $100, but need to follow lot of steps like autobill payment and other stuff to get $100

Comment #12 by Anonymous posted on
Citibank obviously doesn't want *everyones* money -- what kind of bank has this mentality. Using *offer codes* are a royal pain. I believe the $200 offer ended at the end of August (so the CSR "Rick" said). He suggested that I go into a local branch to investigate further.

I *know* there is yet another promotion code for the same offer to the end of October; a friend of mine received it. However, it requires a local branch, *so* I am sure they will not honor it since it wasn't an invitation to me.

Citibank should stop playing games with their promotion codes *and* spend more time focusing on improving their customer service.