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The Ultimate Chase Bonus Post


Chase Manhattan Bank
I've been seeing several types of bonuses from Chase in the last month. I thought it would be useful to include all of them into one post. Your miles may vary on how many of these you can use. The most common one is the $100 or $75 bonus for opening a new Chase Free Checking Account with Direct Deposit. In addition to a list of bonuses, I also included some things to watch out for when you open an account. Thanks to all the readers who have sent bonus links and commented on bonus issues.
  • $100 for opening a Chase Free Checking account with Direct Deposit. Branch visit required. Expires 9/30/07: link #1 to Chase promo page and link #2 to Chase promo page
  • $75 for opening a Chase Free Checking account with Direct Deposit. Online application. Expires 10/15/07: link to Chase promo page
  • $25 refer-a-friend bonuses may be possible on top of the $100 bonus. For more info see Slick Deals thread and comments from my previous Chase post
  • $10 extra bonus for online bill pay. Also mentioned in the above Slick Deals thread, at account opening, you should be given a coupon code for another $10 if you set up online bill pay and make three unique payments to three different billers within 60 days.
  • $50 for online bill pay. This is similar to above, but $50 instead of $10. But not everyone may be eligible. Bills must be payed by 11/06/07. See this FW thread for more details.
  • $50 for spending $500 with Chase Debit Card. Expires 10/15/07. Not all Chase customers may be accepted. See this FW thread for more details.
  • $200 for opening a Chase business checking account. Expires 11/30/07. May require business being registered with your state. Here's the Chase promo page. More info available at this FW thread. Note, business checking accounts are more difficult to avoid monthly fees.

Below are some important issues regarding Chase and these promotions.

Expensive Checks

Chase will automatically charge $22.95 for a checkbook. You can either tell them when you sign up that you don't want checks or you can call Chase after you open the account and cancel the order. Please see my comments from this Chase post about this issue.

Direct Deposit

It has been reported by several of my readers that Chase treats transfers initiated from online banks or from PayPal as direct deposits.

Hard Credit Pull

Chase has been reported to do hard credit pull when you open an account which temporarily dings your credit score. Refer to this FW thread for more info on this.

Some more important info about the free checking account is available at Chase. Without direct deposit, there's a $6/month fee. There's a $2 fee for using non-Chase ATMs (up from $1.50 in November).

Chase has branches in many states but not all. There are no branches in California. States with Chase branches include Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida (Southwest), Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

Chase is FDIC insured under JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. (FDIC Certificate # 628).

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Comment #1 by Viv (anonymous) posted on
Thanks for the mention about the checkbook and referring a friend; I am making a visit to Chase this evening.

Comment #2 by EugeneV (anonymous) posted on
Continental-branded debit card is also a good deal.

Comment #3 by Anonymous posted on
I was told at the branch that their is a limit of one bonus per customer per year.