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Chase Freedom Credit Card - Bonus and Rewards Update


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It's not the $250 signup bonus that Chase was offering in March, but if you're looking for a good cash back credit card plus a sign-up bonus, Chase has a decent deal. You can get up to 3.75% cash back on certain purchases with the Chase Freedom Credit Card. Plus, there's a $50 bonus after your first purchase.

Update 10/03: A reader noted the following Chase link with a $100 bonus instead of $50: $100 promotional link.

Chase offers 3% cash back for the top 3 types of places where you spend the most each month. These can include grocery stores, gas stations, drugstores, department stores, utilities, cable, restaurants and others. It doesn't include superstores or warehouse clubs. You'll get 1% cash back on the other categories.

An additional 0.75% comes from this feature listed in FAQ #6:
Reach $50 in rewards and redeem for a $50 check. Save up to $200 in rewards and redeem for a $250 check, that's a $50 bonus!

So that's basically a 25% boost in the bonus which results in a 3.75% cash back bonus.

One important limitation is that "When you reach $600 in spending in the bonus categories, you will only earn the 1% base rebate or 1 base point for each additional $1 of net purchases in these categories."

See Chase reward details and Chase Freedom Credit Card FAQ for more information.

Other good cash back reward credit cards include the new FNBO Direct credit card and the Capital One Cash Rewards credit card.

For the lastest bonuses on Chase checking accounts, please refer to this Chase bonus post.

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Comment #1 by Anonymous posted on
You don't get the 3% on restaurants on this card. For restaurants, use the Chase Business rewards card. Also, the cap on being able to earn the 3% rate ($600 in eligible purchases) is only $600 per month. I was told my fuel oil bill (for heating) qualifies as a utility bill. We'll see.

Comment #2 by Ade (anonymous) posted on
I don't know whether this is within this subject, but does anyone hear about a sort of annuity called "Seasons Elite Variable Annuity in New York"? It was sent to me by H&R Block Financial Institution, but at the bottom there's a brief disclosure statement by MorningStar. If anyone has any info I'd appreciate it a lot. Thank you so much! Adela

Comment #3 by Anonymous posted on
Did anyone notice that the promo page in this link just lists three possible categories? Whereas the site with the $50 bonus lists a ton of categories and lets you earn 3% back in your top 3 spending categories each month. I don't want to be stuck with on the three categories listed on this signup page...has someone actually applied through this promo and found out whether or not the spending categories are the same as those listed on the main chase freedom site?

Comment #4 by kev (anonymous) posted on
I noticed the same thing: Sign up for the $50 bonus at Chase's website and you can earn 3% back in your top 3 spending categories each month; sign up via the link with the $100 bonus and you only appear to earn 3% back on gas, groceries, and quick service restaurants.

My guess is that the differences are intentional.

As for which one to choose, I guess it really depends on your individual needs.

Comment #5 by Anonymous posted on
Has anyone had any experience with Chase cards where they either merge or transfer your cards, or lower your rewards rates because you cherry pick? I have the Original Perfectcard, that gives me 5% on gas and I have the Bus. Rewards that does 3% on Rest. Home Improvement and office supplies. Since Citibank just lowered my rewards to 2% on Grocery stores, was thinking about this card, but am afraid Chase will see I cherry pick and do something to cause me to lose what I got

Comment #6 by Scott (anonymous) posted on
This card is a joke..It caps you at $600 per month. You need to read the fine print..I hate companies that try to hide this.
So folks that an extra $12 bucks over the 1% or only $6 bucks over Emigrant..but the pain the the butt facotr to monitor those purchase up to $600 then swith back to Emigrant just doesn't seem worth the time for $6.

Comment #7 by Anonymous posted on
I find it very interesting that I am a full member of Chase with a business card company, and don't have access to my 30,000+ reward points. They tell you that you can redeem it, but they keep transferring you in circles. So is this a SCAM?? I say maybe, so buyer beware of what cool things you may or may not get from this Card Company.

Comment #8 by Anonymous posted on
BE WARNED! Chase was terrible. It gave me only a $10 bonus after my first purchase and, when I protested, they demanded that I provide them documentation to prove otherwise!