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Indymac Bank Raises 12-month CD Yield to 4.45%


Update 7/11/08: FDIC puts Indymac Bank into conservatorship. See post for more details.

I just posted on Indymac's latest problems late yesterday. I was concerned that these latest problems may limit the deposit rates. That doesn't appear to be the case. They just raised the yield on the 12-month internet CD special from 4.35% to 4.45% APY. However, the rates on the 9 and 10-month terms fell. Below is the latest list of their online rates.

Indymac rates as of 7/08/08:

CD Term APY Change
3-month 3.70%
6-month 4.10%
9-month 3.85% -0.15
10-month 3.85% -0.15
12-month 4.45% +0.10
13-month 4.40%
18-month 4.40%
24-month 4.65%
36-month 4.85%

E-Money Market

Tier APY
under $10K 1.35%
$10K - $25K 3.85%
$25K - $50K 3.90%
$50K - $75K 3.95%
over $75K 4.00%

Note, some of the above CDs are specials and require new money. Please refer to my April Indymac post for more details about the CDs and my experience opening and closing an Indymac CD.

To review the latest Indymac news and important FDIC facts, please refer to this Monday post.

It would definitely be wise to stay under the FDIC limits. This FDIC Indymac page has more of their financial details.

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