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Personal and Business Checking Account Bonuses at Chase


Chase Manhattan Bank
There's a new $125 bonus page for a Chase checking account with direct deposit. The page allows you to apply online or at a branch. Like the last one, you have to be logged into your Chase account (credit card or bank account) to see it. Also be aware that these promo pages often end before the expiration date.

$125 Chase promotion page - 4/15/09 expiration - Must be logged in to see.

Some of the important common small print of these offers include:
  • $100 minimum opening deposit of new money
  • Chase Free Checking has no monthly service fee when you have direct deposit or at least 5 debit card purchases per cycle.
  • Limit one personal checking account-related reward/premium per customer, per calendar year.
  • The first direct deposit must be completed within 60 calendar days of account opening
  • The reward will be deposited into your new account within 10 days after the initial direct deposit has posted to your account
  • Checking account must remain open for a minimum of six months or the reward will be debited from the account at closing.
  • Cash bonus is considered interest and will be reported on IRS Form 1099-INT.

Below are some additional details regarding these Chase Bonuses:

Avoiding a Charge for Checks

When you open the Chase Free Checking, you'll be charged $23 for the first order of checks. You are allowed to turn down the checks. This is an option in the online application. You can check "No thanks, I don't want to order checks." To play safe you may want to follow up with Chase by phone to ensure this recorded. Several readers in the past were charged for checks without their knowledge.

Direct Deposit

It has been reported by several of my readers that Chase treats transfers initiated from online banks or from PayPal as direct deposits. However, there have been some recent reports that PayPal no longer works. A reader in my last post said a Countrywide transfer did qualify as a direct deposit. You might want to try the ACH as soon as you open the account. If you don't receive anything after the first month, you can always add a real direct deposit before the end of the 60 days.

Hard Credit Pull

I checked my credit report after I opened this Chase checking account in 2007, and I did not receive a hard credit inquiry. I only received a soft pull via Experian. Perhaps it was due to the fact that I already had a Chase credit card. A reader in my last post also didn't receive a hard pull. One commenter in this previous post mentioned receiving a hard pull via Trans Union. Note, the hard credit pull temporarily dings your credit score.

An Extra $25 Refer-a-Friend Bonus

If you want an additional $25 refer-a-friend bonus, you may need to print the coupon and apply at a branch. Last year I was able to stack this and the $125 bonus, but there have been reports lately that this may no longer work. So your miles may vary. If you need a $25 refer-a-friend coupon, check the comments of this post. Several readers have reported having these available, and you can email them. Some of those readers may also be able to provide you with the scan of this $125 offer which you can include with the refer-a-friend bonus.

Checking Account Details

Some more important info about the free checking account is available at Chase. Without direct deposit or the 5 debit card purchases, there's a $6/month fee. There's a $2 fee for using non-Chase ATMs.

$200 Bonus for Chase Business Checking Account

Chase is also offering $200 for opening a business checking account with a minimum deposit of $500. Here's the link to the promotional page. Offer expires 3/28/09. This appears to be the same promotion that Chase was offering last year. Refer to my 2008 post for a full review of this bonus and Chase business checking accounts.

Chase Branch Locations

Chase has branches in many states but not all. There are no branches in California. States with Chase branches include Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida (Southwest), Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

Chase is FDIC insured under JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. (FDIC Certificate # 628).

Credit for this latest promo link goes to SlickDeals member atamanah who posted it at this SD thread.

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Comment #1 by Anonymous posted on
What if you have no job, how can you get a real direct deposit if ACH push doesn't work?

Comment #2 by Anonymous posted on
Avoid Chase. They will not honor any contractual obligations.

Comment #3 by Anonymous posted on
ing direct bank ACH push works.

--What if you have no job, how can you get a real direct deposit if ACH push doesn't work?

Comment #4 by Anonymous posted on
Does it have to be ING Direct ACH push? Can it be a push from other banks?

Comment #5 by Anonymous posted on
Anonymous 9:21PM,

Do you care to elaborate how Chase not honor contractual obligations?

Comment #6 by Anonymous posted on
Chase no longer does the Refer-a-Friend promotion.

Comment #7 by John T. (anonymous) posted on
John T.
I think Chase has branch locations in all the states where there was a WaMu, seeing as how Chase acquired WaMu. In northern California I have seen many of the WaMu branches renamed to reflect the new ownership.

Comment #8 by Anonymous posted on
Is this dead? Page no worky even when logged in to Chase.

Comment #9 by Anonymous posted on
I had a 5-figure CD maturing at JPMorgan Chase on a certain day in March 2009. On the maturity date I called to request the funds. The CSR told me the check would be sent to me the next day. 8 days later the check had not arrived, so I called to ask whether it was sent. NO. They said they could not send it without my answering 3 identifying questions about past addresses and cars I have previously owned. I willingly answered their questions, but pointed out that when I initially called for the funds, they did not ask me for this. JPMorgan Chase CSR apologized and promised to "overnight" the check to me, or if that could not be done (she promised) she would phone me. Now the following day has passed, and we are in the midst of the Easter weekend, so I don't know when my funds will get here. FUBAR service. When they overrode my request for the check the day after the CD matured, they should have called me and advised that they needed more identifying information, if that was their policy.