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$100 Checking Account Bonus at Sovereign Bank - Update


Santander Bank, N.A
Sovereign Bank has a promotion in which you can earn $100 for a new checking account. The promotion page is located at Here are the details:
  • Open a Premier or Interest Checking Account along with a Sovereign CheckCard and a minimum $10 deposit by 5/22/2009
  • Make 6 check card purchases totaling at least $250 within 60 days of opening your account
  • Receive a $100 cash bonus credited to your account 15 days after the 60-day opening period
Some important small print:
  • bonus will be reported to the IRS as interest
  • Current personal checking customers or anyone who has had a personal checking account with Sovereign Bank or any of its divisions in the last 6 months are not eligible for this offer
An important note regarding the Interest Checking is that direct deposit is required to avoid a $5 monthly fee (I'm not sure if any ACH deposit will count as a direct deposit). On the plus side is that they provide free checks. The Premier Checking is even worse in terms of potential fees. A $15,000 combined balance is required to avoid a $25/month fee.

This promotion is similar to Sovereign's January promotion except that they now require the 6 debit card purchases total $250. One reader who commented in the January post was pleased with Sovereign Bank:
I opened an account at Sovereign in September and received the bonus in a very timely fashion, it was credited to the account on the 91st day it was open. I opened the account in person, and the staff was very friendly and helpful.

However, a reader in my September 2008 Sovereign Bank post reported problems with a previous promotion and poor customer service. If you've tried a previous Sovereign promotion, a comment about your experience would be appreciated.

When I called Sovereign Bank in April 2008 regarding a similar promotion, I was told that there's no account closure fee if an account is closed after 90 days. Otherwise, it's $25. The CSR also said they don't perform a hard credit inquiry. They just use ChexSystem in the application.

There's an online application link in the promo page, and it appears available to people in any state. However, in April 2008 I received conflicting reports about if a branch visit was required to receive the bonus. A reader commented about this same issue in January. He received 4 emails from Sovereign saying that it was good for out-of-state applications. When he applied, the application was rejected without an explanation. One customer service rep said it was because he didn't live in Boston. So if you don't live in Sovereign's market area, your miles may vary. Branches are located in the Northeast in the states of Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island. The bank is FDIC insured (Certificate # 29950).

Thanks to the reader who mentioned this latest promotion in the Daily News & Deals Post.

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Comment #1 by Anonymous posted on
"Make 6 check card purchases totaling at least $250 within 60 days of opening your account"
will online purchased be counted, or signature required purchases?

Comment #2 by Anonymous posted on
Provident Bank of Maryland has a similar $100 promo on right now, replacing the $123 promo that ended 3/31/09.

Comment #3 by JermanDude (anonymous) posted on
I signed up for the very similar January promo. I live out-of-state (Southwest); online application worked flawlessly, no hard pull. I made six online purchases with the debit card and got my $100 bonus about a week before the due date. ACH push (e*trade) counts as direct deposit for me -- no monthly fee. I'll probably close the account soon-ish because it's not too useful for my day-to-day banking, but I sure love their bonus department :)

Comment #4 by Geoff (anonymous) posted on
Free checks aren't a big deal anymore, since people are using them less and less. And you really should headline these jump-through-hoops bonuses as "Reward" or something like that so the rest of us can skip them like we skip by most of the "Reward" checking account rates.

Comment #5 by Fumio (anonymous) posted on
I do not recommend this bank because their fees are very high.

In case you account has over draft, there's a $39 fee and $5 daily negative balance fee. Yes, everyday.
It was my fault that happened, but I did not check the online balance everyday...for two weeks. They even charge interest on negative balance and does not offer alert or over draft protection. Guess how much you could lose just being careless?

Please avoid dealing with this bank unless you check account balance EVERY DAY!

Comment #6 by Anonymous posted on
No fees for this account and $20 sign-up bonus:$20 bonus
Click the link and leave me your email.