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Chase Checking Account Bonuses


Chase Manhattan Bank

There's another $125 bonus for a Chase checking account with direct deposit. The promo page allows you to apply online or at a branch. Like the last one, you have to be logged into your Chase account (credit card or bank account) to see it. Also be aware that these promo pages often expire before the expiration date.

$125 Chase promotion page - 5/15/2010 expiration - Must be logged in to see

Here are the steps listed to receive the bonus:

1. Print this page and take it to your local Chase Branch or apply online by May 15, 2010.
2. Open a Chase Checking account and set up direct deposit.
3. We'll deposit $125 into your new Chase CheckingSM account within 10 days of your initial direct deposit posting.

And here is the small print listed in the promo page:

Bonus/Account Information - To qualify for the reward you must open a new Chase Checking account with a $100 minimum opening deposit of new money (money not currently held by Chase or its affiliates). Also, within 60 calendar days of account opening, you must initiate a monthly direct deposit which includes payroll, pension or Social Security, or other government benefits. The reward will be deposited into your new account within 10 days after the initial direct deposit has posted to your account. Limit one personal checking account-related reward/premium per customer, per calendar year. Offer not available on account conversions or in combination with any other offer. Reward is not considered part of the minimum opening balance. Checking account must remain open for a minimum of six months or the reward will be debited from the account at closing. Account is subject to approval. Reward is considered interest and will be reported on IRS Form 1099-INT.

Hat tip to reader ekat who mentioned this new $125 promo in the comments.

Note, the $125 bonus requires direct deposit. However, there have been reports that ACH transfers from banks may qualify.

You may also be able to find hard copies of the $125 promotion in address change packets at your post office. The $100 promo ads seem to be very common.

Beware of Fees

Readers in my May 2009 Chase post mentioned some fees to watch out for. One is a $3 fee for initiating an ACH transfer from Chase to an external account. Transfers initiated from outside Chase are not subject to a Chase fee. This is how I transfer out of my Chase account. This $3 fee and other fees are described in Chase's account disclosures which are available at this page. According to the disclosure, this $3 fee may be waived with certain account types.

Other potential Chase Checking fees include a $6 monthly service fee. To have this waived, you must have direct deposit or if you have 5 or more debit card purchases. There's also a $2 fee for using non-Chase ATMs ($3 for outside the U.S.) This Chase Checking page has more details on these fees.

Chase Branches

It appears Chase has finished the conversion of all WaMu branches. According to this Wikipedia article, the last branches that were converted were the ones in AZ, CA, CO and NV in October 2009.

States with Chase branches include Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, New Jersey, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Washington, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

Chase is FDIC insured under JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. (FDIC Certificate # 628).

Other Bank Bonuses

Chase often has bonuses for business checking accounts. Occasionally this is $200, but the best one that appears to be available now is $100. Here's the Chase promotions page. It's scheduled to last through 4/15/2010.

For those with Chase checking accounts, there's a $15 bonus for using its online bill pay. Here's the bill pay promo page. It's scheduled to last through 3/31/2010.

To find other bonus deals at other banks, please refer to my bank bonus page which has all of my recent bank bonus posts.

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Comment #1 by Anonymous posted on
Any idea on hard credit pull?

Im going to guess Yes, since they always pull on there credit cards for any increase

Comment #2 by AtlantaWolf posted on
Free ACH is on its way.

The following is effective March 29, 2010, and applies to accounts in all states:

Online Banking Services -  External Transfers (ACH Online)

  External account transfers via will now be offered at no charge.

To see this, sign in to Chase, go to "Payments and Transfers" tab, and click on "See deposit disclosures, fees, and interest rates", then click on "Addendum and Additional Banking Services and Fees for Personal Accounts - Effective Date 1/27/2010."

I don't have details such as max links, or how many days of lost interest occur.    


Comment #3 by Anonymous posted on
Does "Per calendar year" mean that I am still eligible for this one even if I already got another $100 opening chase checking account last october?

Comment #4 by Sarah N (anonymous) posted on
Sarah N
The fine print for the bill pay bonus specifices it applies to business checking accounts only: "Bill payment must originate from an eligible Chase business checking account."

Anyone know if there's a similar offer available for personal checking accounts?

Comment #5 by Rosie43 (anonymous) posted on
Went to the downtown Chase Bank in Kalamazoo Michigan branch today to open my Chase checking account for the $125 bonus. We did close an account that had a very small amount in it. The Registered Rep and personal Banker Joshua Will refused to open another checking for me. He said I am not closing your account and open another account for you. I said the literature said you are allowed to do this and get the bonus once per calender year. The literature printed out with the bonus says one account per calender year. He said it is the branch decision and what the information printed with the ad and code doesn't matter.

We do have 3 credit cards with them and I use one of them several times a month. We did have a direct deposit with the account and  wrote one or two checks a month.

I told him I did plan to inform the FDIC and the Comptroller of the currency.

Comment #7 by Anonymous posted on
To Rosie43

Called the tele banker the other day. Apparently, Chase has a different understanding of "calendar year" than normal people. According to the tele banker, it means that you have to wait a complete year after you got your last bonus. 


With regard to the local branch, well, let's put it this way, "there are some people in Chase who is not a totally jerk."