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Free FICO Credit Scores at Digital Credit Union - Easy Membership


Digital Credit Union

Digital Credit Union is offering a free FICO credit score service to its members. Details are described in this credit union page. It states that "through DCU you can receive your Equifax FICO Credit Score via Message Center once a month FREE." Additional details are listed in the FAQ tab.

Free credit scores from one of the major credit bureaus are not easy to find. Free trial periods are common, but these require you to sign up for a monthly subscription. You'll have to cancel before the trial period to avoid being charged the monthly fee. Other sites that offer free credit monitoring services may not be offering FICO scores.

You can get a free copy of your credit report once a year from each of the bureaus from, the website setup by the government. However, this does not provide your credit score.

Another reason to join DCU is their CD specials. Every now and then DCU comes out with a nice CD special. The last one was in February when DCU was offering 2% for a 14-month term.

Anyone can join DCU via membership in an association. Refer to this credit union page for the list of associations. The least expensive membership is $10 for joining Reach Out for Schools. You can be immediately eligible to join DCU if you live, work, worship or attend school in parts of Georgia and Massachusetts. Refer to the Join DCU page for the full details.

In the instructions for joining DCU there are links to an online membership application and a PDF application. A reader who commented on his experience with the online application in my DCU post from 2008 provided the instructions he received from DCU after he applied:

In order to continue processing your application, please mail a $5 check or money order payable to DCU to fund your membership.

If you have joined through a sponsoring organization, then please make sure to also include funds to cover that organization's membership fee.

Also, please mail a copy of your driver's license or passport. If sending a passport, or if your license does not show your current address, please also send either a utility bill in your name (electric, gas, home telephone) or a copy of your apartment lease agreement. If you have listed a Joint Owner on your application, that person must also send the required ID and address proof.

Please note, we do not accept cell phone bills, bank statements, credit card statements or pay statements as address verification.

Make sure to check with the credit union for the latest instructions. One downside to joining is a potential hard credit inquiry (which can temporarily ding your credit score). Here's what a commenter mentioned in my August 2008 DCU post:

I also have been a five-year DCU member, holding several jumbo CDs with them. Yet, when I added checking to my account this past January, they ran a check on me through Equifax!

Branches are located throughout Massachusetts, in Hudson, Merrimack and Nashua in New Hampshire, in Colorado Springs, Colorado and in Alpharetta, Georgia.

DCU is federally insured by the NCUA (Charter # 23521). It's a large credit union with $4.2 billion in assets and 376,824 members.

Credit for this find goes to FW member jackcrawfish who mentioned it on this FW thread.

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Comment #1 by Anonymous posted on
Alliant CU also gives Credit Score.

Comment #2 by Yuriy (anonymous) posted on
Alliant's score is not FICO

Comment #4 by rosie43 posted on
DCU does not allow any beneficiaries on their membership savings account. You have to open a "Totten Trust" account on a different form. I am listed as Trustee on the membership and then the beneficiaries are listed. It was quite a conversation when they said that I could have no beneficiaries unless  I had a trust.  I said I did not want any of my trust information on a bank account that there was no need with beneficiaries on an account. About 10 minutes later I used the words ITF or POD in the account title and it would be called a Totten Trust in a bank but in a credit union the POD or ITF was not needed in the title and it automatically because a Totten Trust once beneficiaries are named. I was then  informed that I could open a Totten Trust account on a different form.    

After getting that information from them the process was very easy. Never ran into that with any bank or credit union and have had accounts with beneficiaries for 62 years.