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Chase Checking Account Bonus & Other Promos: 25,000 Continental Miles


Chase Manhattan Bank

Chase is offering up to 25,000 Continental Airline miles in this checking account promotion that's scheduled to last through June 30, 2010. At the promo page you can print out a coupon with a unique code that you can bring to a Chase branch. Here are the two steps to get the 25,000 miles:

  • 10,000 bonus miles when you open a Chase Checking account and make 5 debit card purchases or set up direct deposit
  • Another 15,000 bonus miles after your first qualifying purchase if you open a Chase Continental Airlines Preferred Debit Card (annual fee applies)

Note, there's a minimum annual fee of $25 for the Chase Continental Airlines Preferred Debit Card. One perk is that your first checked bag is free on all Continental Airlines flights. More details are listed at the end of the small print. I have the important small print included below:

Offer valid through June 30, 2010. To qualify for the reward you must open a new Chase Checking account with a $100 minimum opening deposit of new money (money not currently held by Chase or its affiliates). Also, to qualify for the first 10,000 bonus miles you must make 5 debit card purchases with any Chase debit card linked or used to access the new account or initiate a repeating direct deposit such as payroll, Social Security or other government benefits. The 5 debit card purchases or first direct deposit must be completed within 60 days of account opening to earn the bonus miles. Initial 10,000 bonus miles will be deposited in your OnePass account 6-10 weeks after the 5 debit card purchases or initial direct deposit has posted to the new account. This bonus mile offer is not available to customers with an existing Chase checking account. Limit one personal checking account-related reward per customer, per calendar year. Limit one 10,000 bonus miles per checking account. Offer not available on account conversions or in combination with any other offer. Customers are still eligible for the first 10,000 miles even if they do not get the Chase Continental Airlines Preferred Debit Card. Account is subject to approval.

The second 15,000 bonus OnePass miles will be credited to your OnePass account after the first qualifying purchase is made. Please allow 6-10 weeks after your first qualifying purchase for bonus OnePass miles to post to your OnePass account. This bonus mile offer is not available to customers with an existing Chase checking account. Limit one 15,000 bonus OnePass miles premium per customer per calendar year. Chase reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time without notice. Attempts to earn multiple premiums will be voided by Chase.

The Chase Continental Airlines Preferred Debit Card has an annual fee of $65 per checking account. If you choose the lower fee option of $25 with the Chase Continental Airlines Debit Card, you earn 1 mile for every $2 in qualifying purchases. Customers choosing the lower fee option will still receive the second 15,000 bonus mile award after the first qualifying purchase, limit one bonus mile award per customer, per calendar year.

Credit for this find goes to this FW thread.

$100 Chase Checking Account Bonus

Chase often has $100 bonuses for opening a new personal checking account, and sometimes they offer $125. The $125 bonuses don't seem to be available now, but the $100 bonus is still listed. I have details in this April review of the Chase $100 bonus.

Targeted Bonuses

These bonuses are typically not available to those who didn't receive the invitation with a unique code from Chase.

Targeted: $100 Money Market Savings Bonus

The first targeted promotion is a $100 bonus if you open a Chase Money Market Savings with an initial $5,000, and keep the account open for at least 6 months. The $100 will be paid in ten days after opening the account. There's also a double interest bonus, but this is not worth describing since the interest rate is so low. The promotion expires 6/30/2010.

As you might expect, there are monthly fees to worry about. According to the Chase Money Market Savings page, the "monthly service fee is waived if minimum daily balance is $1,500 or more or if linked to a Chase Better Banking Checking account, otherwise $12."

Hat tip to the reader who emailed me info of the promotion.

Targeted: $30 Debit Card Promotion

This is another targeted promotion, but it's available to existing customers. If you have a Chase checking account, you may want to check if you're eligible. The three steps to receive the $30 bonus include:

  1. Enroll your Chase or WaMu Debit Card in this promotion
  2. Pay 3 or more phone, cable/satellite TV, insurance and/or utility bills using your enrolled Chase or WaMu Debit Card by August 1, 2010. Just contact your service providers to get started.
  3. Get $30 deposited to your Chase account

Credit for this find goes to this FW thread.

Beware of Fees

Readers in my May 2009 Chase post mentioned some fees to watch out for. One is a $3 fee for initiating an ACH transfer from Chase to an external account. Transfers initiated from outside Chase are not subject to a Chase fee. This is how I transfer out of my Chase account. This $3 fee and other fees are described in Chase's account disclosures which are available at this page. According to the disclosure, this $3 fee may be waived with certain account types.

Other potential Chase Checking fees include a $6 monthly service fee. To have this waived, you must have direct deposit or if you have 5 or more debit card purchases. There's also a $2 fee for using non-Chase ATMs ($3 for outside the U.S.) This Chase Checking page has more details on these fees.

Chase Branches

It appears Chase has finished the conversion of all WaMu branches. According to this Wikipedia article, the last branches that were converted were the ones in AZ, CA, CO and NV in October 2009.

States with Chase branches include Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, New Jersey, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Washington, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

Chase is FDIC insured under JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. (FDIC Certificate # 628).

Other Bank Bonuses

To find other bonus deals at other banks, please refer to my bank bonus page which has all of my recent bank bonus posts.

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Comment #2 by larkin (anonymous) posted on
I opened a checking account with the Continental debit card on Febraury 20.  Go 10k miles on March 1 after I made my first debit purchase.  Got an additional 12.5k on March 11 and the final 2.5k on April 7 after making five debit purchases.  Seemed very easy.  Definitely worth $25 to get the additioanl 15k miles

One caveat--you must keep the account open for 6 months or 10k miles will be deducted at closing.

Comment #3 by moonrock posted on
For Chase money market bonuses, you can convert (don't open a new one) the MMA account to a Chase Savings ($300 min for no fee) after receiving the bonus. Keep the savings account open w/ $300 to meet the minimum time frame (usually 6 mos).

I openned an MMA w/ a $75 bonus and $1,500 deposit. The bonus posted just over a week later. I converted the account to a Chase Savings and withdrew $1,275. I closed the account about 6 months and a week after openning (minimum to not have bonuses taken out of closing withdrawal).

Comment #4 by Anonymous posted on
I'm pretty sure that you only need to keep this open for three months, just to avoid the closure fee.  Can someone find some small print that says otherwise?

Comment #6 by moonrock posted on
I was referring to a different promo I did last year ($75 for an MMA). I didn't mean to cause confusion with the 6 month comment. My point is that you can convert the MMA account with a very high minimum balance ($1500 I think) for no fees to a Chase Savings account with a much lower one ($300) to ride out the term [whatever it is] to avoid the account closure fee. Since Chase's interest rates on MMAs and savings accounts aren't "all that," I wanted to minimize the amount of money I had idling there.

Comment #7 by Anonymous posted on
Today I was getting cash at a Chase ATM using a different bank's card and the ATM machine offered to print me a coupon for the $125 bonus to open a Chase Checking account.  I don't know if this is being offered at all Chase ATMs, but if you're interested in opening an account and want the $125 bonus, it might be worth a shot (obviously it helps if you have another bank account that will refund ATM fees; otherwise it is a costly experiment, since it only gives the offer after you agree to pay a $3 fee to get your money). 

Comment #8 by larkin (anonymous) posted on
To anonymous May 22:  my paperwork from Chase says "The checking account must remain open for a minimum of six months or the 10,000 miles will be debited at closing."

It may be a YMMV thing.  I'm not going to take any chances.

Comment #9 by Anonymous posted on
Might as well keep the accounts open bc Chase accounts and their online services/bill pay are the best, easiest bank to keep your accounts free everything is spelled out in black and white!