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KeyBank's iPod touch Checking Account Promotion



Update 5/12/2011: KeyBank has come out with a new iPod touch promotion (8GB 4th generation) that's scheduled to last until 6/24/2011. Please refer to this iPod touch bonus post for more details.

KeyBank has a new checking account promotion in which you can earn a free iPod touch. This is similar to the Garmin promo they offered last year. Here's a summary of the requirements of this new promo:

  • Open a Key Express Free Checking Account by 6/30/10, and
  • Make one KeyBank Rewards debit card transaction, and
  • A combination of two direct deposits and/or automated payments each of $100 or more by 10/01/10

One important thing to note is that you must have or request a KeyBank Rewards debit card and enroll in the KeyBank Rewards points program. There is a $20 annual fee for the KeyBank Rewards Program that will be waived for the first year. Below are some additional important points from the small print:

Qualifying debit card transactions include signature, PayPass, and PIN-based purchases only. Direct deposit transactions are limited to: payroll, Social Security, pension, and government benefits. Automated payments exclude Key Bill Pay, debit card automated payments, PayPal transactions, and account-to-account balance transfers. Limit one iPod touch per qualifying account. Limit one iPod touch per individual. The value of the iPod touch will be reported on Form 1099-INT. You will receive your iPod touch within 90 days of meeting requirements. Offer available to individuals without an existing checking account at KeyBank as of 4/30/10. Employees of KeyBank, its affiliates, and subsidiaries are not eligible for this offer. If you close your account within 180 days of account opening, you will be charged a $25 account early closure fee.

Credit for this find goes to FW member Neidman who posted it on this FW thread.

One thing not mentioned at the promo page is the version of the iPod Touch. The 8GB version is currently selling at for $189. KeyBank would likely give it a higher value on the 1099-INT.

Like previous KeyBank promos, it appears to be only available in areas where they have branches. Key has branches in the following states: Alaska, Colorado, Connecticut, Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Utah, Vermont, and Washington.

Some FW members have reported problems with the online application. It looks like you'll have better luck by applying by phone.

KeyBank has been FDIC member since 1956

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Comment #1 by Anonymous posted on
It is available only selected zip codes.

Comment #2 by Anonymous posted on
Not available in the Hudson Valley in New Ypork

Comment #3 by rosie43 (anonymous) posted on
I opened a checking account with Key in 2008 I think it was. Key Bank was giving away a 4 gig I-Pod at the time. When mine arrived it was an 8 gig I-Pod. I called them to tell them of the mistake and they had upgraded the I-Pod from 4 to 8 gigs. A nice surprise.

Comment #4 by xrayangiodoc (anonymous) posted on
Would be nice if there was an option to pay extra to upgrade to a 16 or 32GB ipod touch. The 8GB version has half the ram (128 vs 256MB) and a slower processor than the versions with more storage. Thus, the 8GB version is functionally equivalent to a 2G ipod touch.

Comment #5 by Cybershaman (anonymous) posted on
I satisfied all of the requirements to receive my iPod but when I called to confirm this they said that we didn't get a "Marketing Number" when we opened our account and therefore were not eligable.  I rechecked the rules at and saw no mention of this requirement.  The branch manager I spoke to is looking into this and I am awaiting a call back.  However, I have a sneaking suspicion that this hidden detail will disqualify us.  Has anyone else had this problem and, if so, did it get resolved?  This sounds to me like an unfair business practice.  If having a Marketing Number is a requirement then it should be clearly stated on the rules page.  Since it is not, I believe we are owed one iPod Touch...  :)

Comment #6 by Ronson (anonymous) posted on
hey Cybershaman! Who did you call to confirm? I would like to make sure I'm getting one aswell. And will it be fourth now? Or will they stay with third/second?

Comment #7 by Totally Dissatisfied (anonymous) posted on
Totally Dissatisfied
Key Bank has diminished my hope in reasonable, considerate, customer service actually being given to a customer.  I opened my account (for the benefit of having the IPOD), set up automatic deposits through my employer, and was careful to meet all of the requirements in order to get the device.  I was scheduled to be out of state for 3 weeks and had notified Key Bank so that I could do a withdrawl of my automatic deposit while I was away.  On September 30th, I did that withdrawl, from a different bank's ATM.  The withdrawl worked just fine and it was for the exact amount of the automatic deposit.  I return weeks later and investigated with Key Bank why the IPOD has not been received, yet all of the qualifications have been met.  I was shocked to learn that the bank from which I made the withdrawl, charged a $3.00 "Agent Fee".  (The kiosk probably told me that, but I didn't think anything of it)  Apparently, that $3.00 fee caused me to be negative by $2 and some odd cents.  OK...I have to (and quickly DID) accept responsibility for not first checking to see what my balance was before I did the withdrawl, and then factoring in the agent fee.  The Key bank Specialist told me he would investigate the issue, check with a supervisor, fill out a request for exception form, and would call me back within 2 days.  I did not hear back from him and 3 days later called Key Bank again.  The Specialist this time (Tamera), told me she "doubted" they would make an exception in this circumstance, because the "overdraft" had caused me to NOT meet the eligibaility criteria to get the IPOD.  I demanded to speak to a supervisor.  The supervisor (Ruthie), made a call to the Research/Marketing Department to inquire as to whether or not an exception was going to be allowed.  She understood the situation and agreed that it was not intentional , and a bit petty to deny the IPOD for.  She came back to the phone to state that an exception was NOT going to be allowed and that I had not met the qualifications because of the $3.00 Agent Fee, and there was nobody else I could speak to there or in the Research Department.  End of story.  I expressed my dissapointment with their position and lack of understanding, and promptly told them that I would immediatley stop the automatic deposit and close my account.  I know she didn't care.  She also told me that escalating at a local branch would also not make a difference in the outcome of this situation.

Comment #8 by joe (anonymous) posted on
I to have been given the run around about my ipod. I have been told 3 different estimated shipping dates. Today being one of the Nov 3rd. Fed Ex has yet to send me the tracking number as stated. I am worried I won't recieve it.

Comment #9 by Keith Gormezano in Seattle (anonymous) posted on
Keith Gormezano in Seattle
I think that this whole iPod touch promotion by Key Bank has been mishandled by them.

Nowhere in Key Bank's promotional materials does it state what generation (2nd, 3rd or 4th) of iPod touch you will receive.

When I got mine, a second generation 8 GB iPod touch (about two-three years out of date), I complained to Key Bank via the Better Busines Bureau that since the 3rd generation could be purchased when I signed up, that should be what I would receive as that would be a reasonable consumer expectation.

Key Bank declined to make things right. Key Bank's position was that they promised an iPod touch and that was what I received. I guess that would be the same as winning a car and receiving one that was 10 years old.

Unfortunately today, I found out that people who had signed up with this Key Bank promotion after me were receiving the new 4th generation iPod touches instead. Apparently, they ran out of the older models. I am not very happy with Key Bank about this.

Comment #10 by abc (anonymous) posted on
I just had a problem with this Keybank offer too.  I was told that as long as I made the transactions by October 1, I would qualify for the promotion.  Well, I made it on October 1  (still have the documentation), but it was not posted until October 4.  I actually went in the bank on October 1 and the teller told me that as long as I made the transaction by October 1, I would qualify for the promotion.  Now they are telling me that since it didn't post by the 1st I am out of luck.  I wasn't going to let this rest.  The customer service lady at the bank said she was going to do more research.  She said she was going to refer it to her legal department. I don't feel like I have had much success with this bank.

Comment #11 by a customer from Seattle, WA (anonymous) posted on
a customer from Seattle, WA
My mother was told that she was eligible and qualified to receive the i-pod touch. She called the local branch many times after waiting for 90 days. My mother was told repeatedly that she would receive it weeks ago. She got nothing. The branch manager kept saying that she was looking into it. Now, it has been 110 days, she has no news, nothing. They seem to think that my mother is old and should just shut up and go away!

Comment #12 by Anonymous posted on
 kI too have been cheated out of a Ipod from Key Bank. Apparently another rule is that your account must be opened when the send the Ipod.(nowhere is this written in the promotion, only that it must be opened till 10/1 and closing the bank account within 180 days will incur a 25 charge) Apparently, while the bank account does not require a minimum balance, it will still close if there is about a month period of inactivity (as I was informed by the banker). THerefore eventhough I met all the "requirements" on the promotion page, I am still not eligible for an Ipod because my bank closed due to inactivity before they had sent the Ipod. Again, nowhere is this written, but somehow we are supposed to know. This is clearly a deceptive practice, and given more voices perhaps something could be done.

Comment #13 by I hate keybank (anonymous) posted on
I hate keybank
STAY AWAY FROM KEYBANK!!! I opened up a keybank account over a month ago, due to a good promo that they were running.Out of no where, my debit card wasn't working so I decided to give them a call. They told me that my and my wife's account is being closed by the "fraud department". After a few days of trying to get through to them, I spoke to the women who actually closed my account her name was "Sara". She said "Keybank has a right to close my account with out providing any reason or notice". She was extremely rude and didn't want to give me any info.When I called again she said she doesn't feel conformable talking to me as I sound like a different person. Additionally they can't send me a check for my account balance, and that I have to go down to the nearest keybank branch which is 3 and a half hours away from me. I opened this account online since there was no branch near me. I find this absolutely ridicules, All I did was open and account and I deposited my money in there- no fraud whats so ever as I have never done anything like that. I used so many banks and no has ever done this to me. I can't even check my account balance online as they cancelled it without notice. I've never experienced dealing with someone this ruthless. I don't plan on dealing with keybank again but now i basically don't know what to do as I cant travel 3-4 hours to the bank.