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First Republic Bank2.10%$10k$1m6 Year CD
First Republic Bank2.00%$10k$1m5 Year CD
First Republic Bank1.60%$10k$1m4 Year CD
First Republic Bank1.20%$10k$1m3 Year CD
First Republic Bank0.80%$10k$1m2 Year CD
First Republic Bank0.50%$10k$1m18 Month CD
Accounts mentioned in this post. Rates as of August 18, 2014

Higher CD Rates at First Republic Bank in Several States


First Republic Bank

First Republic Bank recently made some large increases on its CD rates. The largest increases were on the long-term CD rates. With the latest Treasury yield increases, you have to wonder if these CD rate increases may be the start of a trend. It will make it difficult for savers to decide when or if they should jump on a long-term CD.

First Republic Bank’s best CD deals are its 6-year, 5-year and 13-month CDs. The 6-year CD has a 2.25% APY, the 5-year CD has a 2.00% APY and the 13-month CD special has a 1.00% APY. The special CD has a $10,000 minimum deposit, and the others have a $5,000 minimum deposit. Below is the list of all of the competitive CD rates as listed at the bank's rates page as of 6/25/2013:

  • 2.25% APY 6-year CD
  • 2.00% APY 5-year CD
  • 1.50% APY 4-year CD
  • 1.25% APY 3-year CD
  • 1.15% APY 2-year CD
  • 1.10% APY 18-month CD
  • 1.00% APY 13-month special CD
  • 0.75% APY 7-month special CD

Rates may vary by location. You have to select your region to see the CD rates. The above rates were based on the Southern California region. In the past these rates have been the same for all of the areas where they have branches.

Update 6/28/13: An extra 0.25% will be added to the non-special CDs for a checking relationship. I was told ATM Rebate Checking is required. This has a minimum balance of $3,500 to avoid monthly fees. Hat tip to commenter who mentioned this relationship rate.

I wasn’t able to find the early withdrawal penalty in the current account disclosures. Past disclosures had specified an early withdrawal penalty of 3 months of interest for CDs with terms of 1 year or less and 6 months of interest for CDs with terms over 1 year.

Update 6/26/13: Thanks to commenters' tips, I was able to find the EWP details in the account disclosure. Here's an excerpt from page 54:

Account Termination/Early Withdrawal Penalty - If we allow you to terminate a CD or make a partial withdrawal of principal prior to its maturity date, we may impose the following penalty on the amount withdrawn: (1) six months' interest for those CDs with a term of one year or less; and, (2) one year plus three months' (15 months) interest for those CDs with a term of more than one year. The early withdrawal penalty may be deducted, if necessary, from the principal sum of the CD.

First Republic Bank branches are located in several major cities in California, Oregon, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Florida and New York. The cities include San Francisco, Palo Alto, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Newport Beach, San Diego, Portland, Boston, Greenwich and New York City. In February of this year, First Republic Branch opened a new branch in Palm Beach, Florida.

Bank Overview

First Republic used to be a division of Merrill Lynch. After Merrill Lynch was acquired by Bank of America, First Republic was sold off to a group of private investors. It became a public company in December 2010.

The bank has an overall health score of 5 stars (out of 5) with a Texas Ratio of 1.53% (excellent) based on March 2013 data. Please refer to our financial overview of First Republic Bank for more details. The bank is an FDIC member (FDIC Certificate # 59017).

How These CD Rates Compare

The best 5-year CD rate that’s available nationwide without a checking requirement is 1.91% APY at Andrews Federal Credit Union. The best rate at a bank is 1.76% APY at EverBank. These rates are accurate as of 6/25/2013.

Searching for the Best CD and IRA CD Rates

To search for the best nationwide rates and the best rates in your state, please refer to our CD rates tables and our IRA CD rates tables.

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Comment #1 by Anonymous posted on
From their disclosure and Agreement:

Early withdral penalty is

    6 months if term < 1 year

    15 months if term > 1 year

Comment #2 by Anonymous posted on
yes, I noticed the same thing.  I am pretty sure this is new at least for the longer term CD's, the penalty used to be less

Comment #3 by Alskar posted on
Here's the applicable snippet from page 54 of 64 pages of the Consumer Account Disclosure and Agreement:

"Account Termination/Early Withdrawal Penalty -- If we allow you to terminate a CD or make a partial withdrawal of principal prior to its maturity date, we may impose the following penalty on the amount withdrawn: (1) six months' interest for those CDs with a term of one year or less; and (2) one year plus three months' (15 months) interest for those CDs with a term of more than one year.  This early withdrawal penalty may be deducted, if necessary, from the principal sum of the CD."

So if they allow the withdrawal (and they don't have to) you will lose 15 months of interest on a six year CD even if you've only had it 9 months.  That's pretty stiff!

Comment #4 by lou posted on
I  also have a problem with the "if we allow you" language. The five and six year interest rates would have to be much higher for me to give First Republic that much control over my money.

Comment #5 by jangilb posted on
Just opened a 6year cd with First Republic. They have a 2.25% rate but they have a relationship promotion going till July 8th, they will give you .25% added to your cd or IRA cd. It worked for me with such low rates elsewhere.  I am surprised the new rates are not being shown except on the Blog site.

I would also like to add Self Help Credit Union and their divisions have cd's rates of

3 months...1.01%..$500.

6 months....1.01%..$500.

1 year.........1.31%..$500.






Seen on Cash Cow website

Hope these rates help others as they did for me. Perhaps these should be listed as a blog as well.


Comment #6 by lou posted on
jangilb, I checked the Self Help Credit union website and their CD rates are nowhere near the rates you posted. Are you sure what you saw at Cash Cow was not from an earlier date?

Comment #7 by jangilb posted on
Lou#6 I am positive that those rates are good as of today.

I find that most blogs don't update their rates as they change.

If you go to the Cash Cow website and click on Credit Union rates and look at the different terms for the cd''s ie: 1 yr,2yr, etc, , you will see that the rates are shown for Self Help Credit Union, and their division which is Community Trust Prospera, they are both NCUA insured, I called the NCUA and they confirmed both organizations. But if you put in the credit union name you will get old interest rates.

There was not a branch near me so I was told to go to Community Trust Prospera, located at 2010 Story Road, San Jose, CA. Telephone number 408-347-9559 ext 7262. I did go. But, decided to go with First Republic Bank's 6 yr CD for 2.25% plus .25% relationship making it 2.50%.

I will be putting funds as they come due into Community Trust Prospera, at the above location. I will inform you that their rating has dropped to 2 stars so they aren't the healthest CU. But, they are covered by NCUA and their texas rating is good.

It wasn't easy to find these rates, I don't know why, but I think sometimes there is favoritism at the blogs and finding better rates takes away from those they are pushing. Just my take on it.

Call the phone number if you have any trouble or go directly to their website but make sure as you stated it isn't an earlier post.

Comment #8 by lou posted on
Jangilb, did you call the credit union to confirm those rates? The website has the 5 year CD at 1.25%.

Comment #9 by jangilb posted on
LOU#8 You are absolutely correct for some reason they may not have changed their rates on their websites. I checked Self Help CU, both divisions which are Community Trust Prospera and Community Trust.

As I wanted to go to a Self Help branch and there wasn't any near my home, they told me (The Self Help CU phone number) that all divisons of Self Help C U had the same rates that I have posted. I opened a 5 year cd for 2.53%, at Community Trust Prospera I had to go back as they were IRA's so I needed to sign papers and had to get information from home. I then saw First Republic Banks 6 year deal and put the funds there instead. I closed the account with Community Trust Prospera but will go back with future funds. Anyone can join the credit union by joining an organization for $5.

They told me that all 3 institutions accepted those rates. I don't know why they haven't changed the websites. Perhaps they are limiting the accounts? The branch manager at Community Trust Prospera, at 2010 Story Road, San Jose, CA name is Tina Flores. She gave me a receipt for my funds, but since the account papers weren't finished, I closed the account.

I just went to Cash Cow website again. I clicked on Credit Union rates, and then cd rates for the different terms ie: 1yr, 2yr, 3yr etc. I saw the rates I quoted with todays date June 27, 2013. They are under Self Help CU.

You can call 408-347-9559ext 7262 and ask Ms Flores if the rates I quoted are valid. I hope it goes well but I can't explain why the websites aren't quoting them. Good Luck with it all.

Comment #10 by jangilb posted on
Lou: I copied the 5 year rate from Cash Cow website. I didn't copy all of the terms. But you will see the date the rate with Self Help CU.

Five Year Credit Union CD Rates – SAN JOSE, CA - June 27, 2013[/H2] Credit Unions, add your rates  Below are 5 year CD Rates from credit unions that are located within 20 miles of your location. Five Year Certificates of Deposit (CD) are generally the longest term CD that most credit unions will offer. They tend to offer the highest rates but require the longest commitment. Five year CDs are especially popular in a declining interest rate environment as depositors can lock money in at the highest rate possible for the longest period of time. They are also popular with depositors who are willing to lock up money for five years in return for extra yield.

Credit UnionAPYMin BalMiles ?More
Self-help 2.53% $500 15.61  
Keypoint 1.65% $10,000 3.74  
Operating Engineers Local Union #3 1.55% $10,000 0.88  
Patelco 1.50% $1,000 2.78  
Technology 1.50% $1,000 2.67  
1st United Services 1.50% $1,000 14.59  
Xceed Financial 1.40% $500 2.13  
Baxter 1.30% $500 9.44  
First Technology 1.25% $500 1.73  
Fiscal 1.21% $100,000 4.82  
Citizens Equity First 1.20% $1,000 1.65  
The Golden 1 1.10% $100,000 0.58  
Fiscal 1.09% $1,000 4.82  
The Golden 1 1.05% $10,000 0.58  
Meriwest 1.00% $10,000 0.32  
National 1st 1.00% $10,000 5.96  
Partners 1st 0.99% $500 3.57  
Provident 0.95% $1,000 2.45  
Alliance 0.50% $500 2.47  

BestCashCow strives to maintain the most accurate rates. If you find a rate that is not accurate, please let us know so that we can update it. Please email us at contact (at)
Thank you.

Products by State

Lou hope this helps! All my best![/H2][/H2]

Comment #11 by lou posted on
jangilb, great job finding this deal. Just out of curiosity, why did you do the First Republic CD instead of the Self Help CD?

Comment #12 by Anonymous posted on
The telephone number given by the new poster belongs to Micro Sucursal, a Western Union location.  Micro Sucursal is at the Story Road address with the phone number. 

See the info for yourself here.


Comment #13 by jangilb posted on
Lou & Anon #12

Lou I went with First Republic Bank because I have a checking account and my SS goes to them. They are a block away and Self Help is an unknown institution to me. Also I thought the 6 years might be a better choice, if rates don't rise fast enough.

Anon #12. The manager Tina Flores gave me her card with the teephone number but I never had to call it. I don't understand why it isn't a direct line to her. Sorry about that. Her e-mail is, if that is any help.

If checking rates by telephone I would advise you give them the rates you are seeing not ask for the current rates, as they don't always quote the best rates. IE: I called First Republic and was given a rate of 1.75% for 5 years, not the promo rate of 2.25%

Hope I was helpful as I appreciate those who take the time to let us know about rates.


Comment #14 by lou posted on
Thanks, Jangilb