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Alliant FCU Cuts HSA Rates Again -- To Same Level As Normal Savings Rates

Thursday, June 6, 2013 - 10:18 PMAlliant Credit Union - Details
I'm still a fan of Alliant, but it was sad to see that Alliant has now cut their HSA rates, and brought them down to the EXACT SAME LEVEL (0.70 APY) as their normal savings account rates. So their HSAs no longer have higher rates than their normal savings account, it's the same rate as the plain-jane savings account at Alliant.

I did consider switching to Lake Michigan FCU (which still offers tiered rates as high as 1.5% and 1.75%) but I didn't like some of the (general) fees they charge, whereas Alliant has virtually no fees (for instance, LM charges $1 each time you use a non-LM ATM; unless you live in Michigan, that's going to be all the time. Alliant has no such fee. LM also has a $5/mo fee if you have less than $300 in your 00 savings and no other account. By having an HSA account, you wouldn't have to pay this fee, but it still left kind of a bad taste in my mouth). Seeing what other reviewers wrote about LM's so-so cust service and fees, I think I'm going to stay at Alliant. When I was initially shopping for my HSA, it was between Alliant and LM, and in the end I went with Alliant.

Despite the rate drop, I really do like Alliant, though I am disappointed that their HSA rate is no higher than their savings rates now. Sigh.
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Jun 6, 2013
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