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Citibank Jacks Up Monthly Fees On Checking Accounts

Friday, September 30, 2011 - 10:50 AMCitibank (SD) - Details
From The Consumerist
Citibank sent customers a letter informing them that starting in December, they're raising monthly fees on checking accounts, in some cases by double.

EZ checking will run you $15 a month, up from the current $7.50 a month. Previously the fee would be waived if you kept a minimum balance of $1,500. That threshold will increase to $6,000.

The monthly fee on basic checking will go from $8 to $10. The minimum balance required to get rid of it is $1,500, or signing up for direct deposit and online bill pay.

Premium accounts remain a $20 monthly cost, but the minimum balance to waive it will go up to $15,000 from $6,000. That amount can be the total among all Citi accounts, like investments, mortgages, and credit cards.

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