Another 4.65% 5-month CD


World Savings Bank started offering a 5-month 4.65% CD to select customers last week. As I mentioned in this post, World Savings didn't advertise this promotional rate to the general public, but if you call and mention this CD, they seem to be willing to honor it.

Now Affinity Bank is offering this same 4.65% APY 5-month CD. Unlike World Savings, it is being advertised to the general public on their website. There is a $10K minimum deposit requirement. The small print of this promotion states that it's available for new money only with a $100,000 maximum per household and is only for a limited time.

Affinity Bank has 6 branches in the following California cities: San Francisco, Irvine, Camarillo, Pacific Palisades and Ventura. If you live in another state, it looks like you can still open an account. The bank does have the open-account application online, but it has to be printed and mailed along with the initial deposit check.

Andrea in Minnesota
Andrea in Minnesota   |     |   Comment #1
Affinity Bank also offers a super deal for those of us who have kids up to 16. Their "Kids Only" Savings Account pays 10% APY for the first $500, %0.4 for anything over $500.
What could be better for the kids than to make $50 a year on only $500? (They also will get a cute piggy bank as part of the deal.) The only stipulation is that the custodian must have or open an account with them as well.
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #2
Thanks for the info about Affinity Bank.

Yes, nothing teaches kids about savings and interest rates better than earning 10%. I wonder how many kids have savings account at Bank of America earning only 0.5%. That would likley teach kids that it's not worth it to save.
Andrea in Minnesota
Andrea in Minnesota   |     |   Comment #3
I just wanted to print out the application forms for the 5-month CD special with the 4.65% rate when I saw that they must have changed it today. There is no more 5-month CD and the best they can do now is 4% for a 6-month CD. I guess good deals don't last long. But thanks for keeping us posted on all these great deals. have gotten in on several bonuses now thanks to your information. I made your blog my homepage now!
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #4
Thanks Andrea for letting us know about the CD being over. It sure didn't last long.