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6985 Union Park Center Suite 435
Midvale, UT 84047

Ally Bank is a Utah-based Internet bank that focuses primarily on offering consumer savings products, including savings, checking, Money Market, Certificate of Deposit (CD), and IRA CD accounts. The bank also provides auto financing services and tools on its lending side and helps customers determine whether to lease or buy a vehicle.

Ally Bank’s online savings account regularly offers one of the highest interest rates in the country as far as savings accounts go. It comes with no monthly maintenance fees and no minimum deposit to open. Deposits and withdrawals can be performed through Ally’s fast online ACH transfer service, and up to six withdrawals per month are allowed without a fee. Customers can also write cashier’s checks out of the account for free.

Ally’s Interest checking account also offers a highly competitive compounding interest rate for balances of $15,000 or more. It comes with a free MasterCard debit card, free checks, unlimited check writing, and free ATM fee reimbursements from any ATM nationwide. This checking account has no minimum initial deposit and no monthly maintenance fees.

The Money Market account offered by Ally is very similar to its online savings account, but with the added flexibility of several checking account functions like a debit card, free checks, and ATM fee reimbursements. The Money Market’s interest rate is typically within a few basis points of the rate on the savings account, and no minimum deposit or monthly balance requirements makes it a very attractive hybrid account.

CDs and IRA CDs are also available and come in term lengths ranging from 3 months to 5 years. Ally features a Raise Your Rate 2-year CD that affords one bump-up allowance if there is a rate increase during the life of the CD. Its 11-month CD usually offers a rate similar to the savings account, and DepositAccounts.com has discussed the strategies behind opening one or the other.

Ally Bank online banking provides a sophisticated and secure platform on which its deposit accounts are managed. Ally eCheck Deposit offers an easy way to deposit checks via a smartphone camera, computer scanner, or free paid-postage envelopes. Ally also makes it easy to transfer funds between Ally accounts or between Ally and non-Ally accounts for free, and that includes transfers associated with paying bills as well. Mobile banking apps make it easy and convenient to accomplish all of the aforementioned tasks while on the go. Ally Bank has no physical branches, and therefore offers free ATM fee reimbursements for all of its accounts.

Ally Bank was originally established as GMAC Automotive Bank in 2004. In 2008, the bank suffered significant losses as a result of the bankruptcy of automakers GM and Chrysler. The bank has grown stronger in recent years, having repaid over $6 billion of its government debt as of May of 2013. Ally is headquartered in Midvale, Utah and services over 1 million opened deposit accounts through its online banking platform.

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Ally Bank Increases Rates of 1-Year CD and 2-Year Raise Your Rate CD - 5/15/2017

Ally Bank increased the rate of its 1-year CD (1.35% APY) by 5 basis points and the rate of its 2-year Raise Your Rate CD (1.50% APY) by 10 basis points.

Ally Adds Brokerage and Investments Services To Its Website - 5/12/2017

Ally’s top navigation bar now includes an “invest” link that opens up an investment menu. Ally issued a press release today describing the launch of Ally Invest.

Ally Bank Ups Savings Account Rate to Highest Level Since 2011 - 4/21/2017

Ally Bank increased the rate of its Online Savings Account by 5 bps. The new rate is now 1.05% APY. This also applies to the IRA Online Savings Account.

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3/3/10 - Ally Bank Cuts Rates on Savings, Money Market and CDs
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2/17/10 - Ally Bank Cuts Savings and Money Market Yield to 1.39% (was 1.44%)
2/9/10 - Ally Bank Cuts Savings and Money Market Rate
2/4/10 - Ally Bank's Parent, GMAC Financial, Posts Quarterly Loss
2/3/10 - Ally Bank Cuts 1-year CD Yield
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6/30/06 - Slight Rise in GMAC Bank CD Rates
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5/26/06 - GMAC Bank's 12-Month CD at 5.35% - Update on CD Opening
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4/21/06 - New Rates at GMAC Bank: 4.75% Money Market / 5.10% 6-Month CD
4/7/06 - GMAC's Money Market Account Now 4.70%
3/10/06 - GMAC Bumps Up Money Market Account and CD Rates
2/25/06 - GMAC Bank Raises Money Market Account to 4.60%
1/9/06 - Some Concerns with GMAC Bank
12/10/05 - GMAC Bank Money Market Savings Now 4.30%
11/5/05 - Another 4% Savings at GMAC Bank

Reviews (439)

Great Online Bank

I believe that Ally Bank is the best online bank ever created. This bank has great customer service and it continues to be there for what I need. This bank is always quick to respond to all of my needs. Ally also has low fees and they transfer funds between my other bank accounts very quickly. I've been with them for about 2 years now and I have loved every minute of it. I was sick and tired of the delay and poor customer service of the big banks like Bank of America and BB&T so I decided to switch.

Safe and Affordable

I switched to Ally mostly to lower my fees and try to earn a little better interest rate on my money. The experience has been nothing but positive. I have avoided many of the fees that my traditional bank required. They are good about reimbursing transaction fees if you use an atm out of their network. Also, I was given checks completely free, compared to my old bank where I had to buy them. Their online banking system is very user friendly. It is easy to transfer funds to other accounts online. I was nervous at first to try an online bank, but I am really glad that I gave Ally a try.

Ally Bank and the revolution of Online Banking

Around a year ago I decided to switch to Ally Bank for my savings account. They offered some of the most competitive interest rates at 1% for the savings account. The customer service experience was fantastic, as customers we have the ability to instant message with their customer service team. With this tool I was able to get all of my questions answered a lot faster than I have in the past with other financial institutions. Also, the banks website is easy to navigate and they are able to quickly move money between my savings account I hold there and my other accounts I have spread out over other financial institutions. The reason I chose Ally was for the 1% interest rate on a savings account, but I was surprised and very pleased with the customer service and other benefits I received.

Now I Understand Peoples Frustration With Ally

Posted by: enduser | Oct 4, 2016

I have been with Ally since they were known as GMAC bank or about 7 years. Never had any issues with them. My problems began when I tried to link my account with an external account. The other bank lists their MM as a MM savings. When I set up the bank link I set it up as a MM Savings. The micro deposits made it to my account but Ally was not able to withdraw them. Never notified about this issue by Ally. I called customer service and they said that they will try the account linking again. Once again same results. The micro deposits make it to my external account but Ally was not able to withdraw them, and just like before no notice from Ally about this issue. I called Ally to find out what is going on and they now demanded that I provide them with a letter from the other bank on that banks letterhead with my full name, address, bank account number, and routing number to prove my account ownership. I called the other bank with this request and they declined citing security reasons and for my protection. The CS agent suggested I submit the account opening letter as proof of account ownership. I verified my account number with them, confirmed the ACH routing number, and asked her what type of account was their MM. Savings or checking? The CS agent informed me that it is in fact a MM Checking not a MM savings unlike what is advertised.

With this information I called Ally. I informed them about what the other bank told me. They once again demanded that I provide them with the credentials they told me about regardless of the issue. I sent them the account opening letter and a letter informing them about what is blocking the ACH transfer. Two days go by and no reply from Ally. I called them again, they stated that they have not received anything from me yet. They ask me to resend the information. Two days go by no reply from Ally. On the third day a call from Ally that they do not have the information they expected from me. I informed them that I sent it twice. Informed them that my email does not have my name, to look for my email address instead. After almost an hour on the telephone the CS agent informs me that the information I sent is not what they asked for and that they will not unlock the account for me to re-link them until I provide what they demand. This back and forth nonsense has been going on since August 17. Today October 3 was the final straw. I even requested to speak to a supervisor about this a week ago, I received a case number but never heard back from a supervisor. Let me mention that the CS agents at Ally are wonderful and they are not the problem. They were very frustrated that they could not help me. The people causing all the stalemate are the back office accounts transfer group. I have never experienced such a draconian mentality for such a simple problem. In frustration I have decided to close all my accounts with Ally and terminate my banking relationship with them.



Health Grade Components

FDIC Certificate #57803
Year Established2004
Primary RegulatorFED
Profit Margin
Return on Assets - YTD1.27%
Return on Equity - YTD8.61%
Annual Interest Income$1.10B
Assets and Liabilities
AssetsQ1 2017vs Q1 2016$122.3B$110.7B
LoansQ1 2017vs Q1 2016$93.21B$81.80B
DepositsQ1 2017vs Q1 2016$84.55B$70.18B
Equity CapitalQ1 2017vs Q1 2016$18.41B$16.86B
Loan Loss AllowanceQ1 2017vs Q1 2016$604.0MM$472.8MM
Unbacked Noncurrent LoansQ1 2017vs Q1 2016$310.0MM$259.1MM
Real Estate OwnedQ1 2017vs Q1 2016$13.0MM$9.2MM
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Online Savings Account Rate Increase

buckeye61   |  
Small jump today to 1.05% APY(Was 1.00%)

Ally 5-Year CD, 2.25% APY

alan1   |  
I just saw this on the Ally website. I _think_ the previous APY had been 2.00%.

New CD Offer

Maecl   |  
Ally offering a special Fast tracker 9 month CD yield of 1.15% APY with a minimum $25,000 investment.

Ally Raises Rates On 5-YR CDs

renonevada89503   |  
1.90 Less than 5,000

1.95 5,000 Min Opening

2.00 25,000. Min Opening

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Ally Bank Savings Account Rates

Ally Bank's online savings account has no minimum balance requirement and no monthly service charges. Withdrawals are limited to six per month which is based on federal regulations. Deposits and withdrawals can be made via Ally's online funds transfer service which provides for fast ACH transfers to and from your other banks. The online funds transfer service allows you to link to an unlimited number of external bank accounts.

1.05%--IRA Online Savings Account
1.05%--Online Savings Account

Ally Bank Money Market Rates

Ally Bank's Money Market account has no minimum balance requirement and no monthly service charges. Notable features include checking writing (first 50 checks are free) and check card. Withdrawals are limited to six per month which is based on federal regulations. Deposits and withdrawals can be made via Ally's online funds transfer service which provides for fast ACH transfers to and from your other banks. The online funds transfer service allows you to link to an unlimited number of external bank accounts.

0.85%--Money Market Account

Ally Bank Checking Account Rates

Ally Bank's Interest Checking account has no minimum balance requirement and no monthly service charges. It's a tiered rate account with the highest interest paid on balances of at least $15,000. Notable features include free checks with unlimited check writing and no ATM fees at any ATM. Ally will automatically refund ATM fees charged by other banks. Other features include free online bill pay and free debit card. Deposits and withdrawals can be made via Ally's online funds transfer service which provides for fast ACH transfers to and from your other banks. The online funds transfer service allows you to link to an unlimited number of external bank accounts.

0.60%*$15k*-Interest Checking Account
OTHER TIERS: 0.10% Up to $15k

Ally Bank CD Rates

Ally Bank's certificates of deposit have three variations. The first is the traditional type of CD with a fixed interest rate until maturity. Terms from 3 months to 5 years are available. The second type is a no-penalty 9-month CD. You are allowed a penalty-free early withdrawal any time during the term after 6 days from when the CD is funded. The third type is a bump-up CD called Raise Your Rate CD. It's a 2-year fixed rate CD that gives you the option to raise the rate one time during the term to the current 2-year CD rate. All CDs have no minimum balance requirement. Early withdrawal penalty for all CDs (except the no-penalty CD) is 60 days of interest. The grace period at maturity when you can close the CD without penalty is 10 days after the maturity date. With Ally's Ten Day Best Rate Guarantee, when you fund your CD within ten days of opening or when your Ally CD renews, you automatically get the best rate Ally offers during those ten days.

2.25%--High Yield 5 Year CD
1.60%*$25k*-High Yield 3 Year CD
OTHER TIERS: 1.50% Up to $5k | 1.55% $5k - $25k
1.50%--Raise Your Rate 2-Year CD
1.50%--Raise Your Rate 4-Year CD
1.35%*$25k*-High Yield 18-Month CD
OTHER TIERS: 1.20% Up to $5k | 1.25% $5k - $25k
1.35%--High Yield 12-Month CD
1.15%*$25k*-High Yield 9-Month CD
OTHER TIERS: 1.00% Up to $5k | 1.05% $5k - $25k
1.10%*$25k*-No Penalty 11-Month CD
OTHER TIERS: 0.90% Up to $5k | 1.00% $5k - $25k
0.67%*$25k*-High Yield 6-Month CD
OTHER TIERS: 0.60% Up to $5k | 0.63% $5k - $25k
0.39%*$25k*-High Yield 3-Month CD
OTHER TIERS: 0.30% Up to $5k | 0.34% $5k - $25k

Ally Bank IRA Rates

2.25%--IRA High Yield 5-Year CD
1.60%*$25k*-IRA High Yield 3-Year CD
OTHER TIERS: 1.50% Up to $5k | 1.55% $5k - $25k
1.50%--IRA Raise Your Rate 2-Year CD
1.50%--IRA Raise Your Rate 4-Year CD
1.35%*$25k*-IRA High Yield 18-Month CD
OTHER TIERS: 1.20% Up to $5k | 1.25% $5k - $25k
1.35%--IRA High Yield 12-Month CD
1.15%*$25k*-IRA High Yield 9-Month CD
OTHER TIERS: 1.00% Up to $5k | 1.05% $5k - $25k
0.67%*$25k*-IRA High Yield 6-Month CD
OTHER TIERS: 0.60% Up to $5k | 0.63% $5k - $25k
0.39%*$25k*-IRA High Yield 3-Month CD
OTHER TIERS: 0.30% Up to $5k | 0.34% $5k - $25k

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