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A Bank That Truly Appreciates Its Customers

Posted by: ecatala77 | Feb 27, 2011

In addition to its banking products, Astoria Federal Savings thanks its customers in a unique way.  Once a year they mail cutomers an invitation to a free concert performed by a local pop orchestra held at C.W. Post.  This is the first year we attended and were truly surprised.  Refreshments including coffee, tea, juice, and wonderful (large) fresh baked cookies were provided.  At the start of the show a bank official sincerely thanked the audience for chosing Astoria.  I'm not sure if they invite all customers every year or if they rotate who receives the invitation.

As long as their products remain competitive, I'll choice a bank that appreciates me as a customer.

Astoria banking

I had a mixed experience using this bank. They are a modern bank and have all the features you are looking for in a reliable banking institution but I had several negative experiences with them. The bank itself and its website function as designed. The website can compete with some of the bigger banks in design and functionality. My negative experiences stem from treatment from employees at the actual bank. I have had several encounters with rude tellers who were not helpful or nice in resolving problems with accounts. Overall, I probably would not use this bank again. I was too turned off by the staff hired at this bank.

Difficult To Stop CD From Renewing

Posted by: Warren752 | Apr 7, 2016

You must jump through hoops to stop your CD from automatically renewing. They won't let you do it online like other banks. You call them and they say send a letter. I did. Then they then send a letter back saying you must send them your passbook or an affidavit that the passbook is lost.

Website Is Inaccesible - Does Astoria Federal Bank even Have A Website?

Greetings all:  I opened my Astoria Federal Account because my Mum has had an account (checking) there seemingly "forever". I do not seet to desparage the service I was given at the Francis Lewis Boulevard branch, HOWEVER, I let them know I was traveling overseas and they made 'note of it' on my new account. The expeditied my debit card judiciously! BUT, Since I have been overseas, I have not been able to bring up their WEBSITE to check my balance and because of telephone issues not able to CALL them (which I expected), but time and time again I try to pull their WEBSITE up and get "nodda"!  I pull up other US banks websites here in Eastern Europe but NOT Astoria Federal and it is a crime and may really hurt my ability to maneuver while here. Do they even HAVE a website?  I am pulling my account ASAIGB (as soon as I get back).



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