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Barclays, a advertiser, is a UK-based multinational bank that maintains operations in retail and investment banking, as well as lending, credit cards, and wealth management. The financial holding company, of which its personal banking component is a subsidiary, is one of the largest in the world, with trillions of dollars in assets.

On its personal banking side, Barclays has limited deposit account offerings available in the United States. The bank offers both a high-yield savings account and Certificates of Deposit (CDs) through its online banking platform. Both accounts feature attractive interest rates, with the savings account interest rate being one of the highest available in the country. reported that the savings account interest rate remained over 1% for over a year until the summer of 2013. Barclays savings accounts have no hidden fees or minimum balances to join and come with an easy to use online banking system from which account holders can transfer funds, deposit checks via scanner or mobile deposit, and make online payments. Its savings accounts also come with a debit card that customers may use to withdraw funds at any Bank of America ATM for a discounted fee.

Barclays CDs are also managed on Barclays’ online banking system and offer a guaranteed rate of return with no minimum balance to open and no monthly service fees. Barclays began allowing monthly interest disbursements on its CDs in May of 2013. Both of these accounts may be easily opened and managed online.

Barclays online banking business is headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, which is also home to its Barclaycard (credit card) division. The bank’s wealth management group is based in New York City, and all of its operations in the United States are subsidiaries of Barclays Bank PLC, a Financial Holding Company headquartered in London, England. The retail bank has no branches in the United States and provides its services through its online banking platform.

Barclays has a long history dating back to 1690, when two bankers started trading as goldsmith bankers. In 1965, the bank branched out to the United States for the first time when it started Barclays Bank of California in San Francisco. Today, the bank maintains operations through affiliates in over 20 countries.

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Barclays Savings Account Bonus (Up To $200) Now Through 5/3/2024 - 4/1/2024

Just noticed this promotion on Barclays' online savings account page. Unfortunately, it's only for new customers. Excerpts: Headlines: New Barclays Savings customers Now through 5/3/2024 get a $200 Bonus after depositing $25,000 Small print: $200 Bonus Offer: To qualify for this bonus offer, you must be a new Barclays Savings customer (current and previous Barclays customers with a Savings account or CD are not eligible), open an account 3/4/2024 through 5/3/2024, fund your new savings account with at least $25,000 within the first 30 days of opening the account, and maintain the balance of at least $25,000 for 120 consecutive days. After you maintain the $25,000 balance for 120 consecutive days, the $200 bonus will be added to your account in approximately 60 days. Offer expires 5/3/2024. You may make multiple deposits to your account from another financial instituti

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Reviews (247)

Barclay Is A Good Bank...

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Barclay is a good bank. Folks can feel secure banking with them. Today they just raised their savings interest rate in one generous swoop from 2.4% to 3%. They had remained at a stubborn 2.4% for way too long while many of the other banks on this forum were already at 3% or more and going even higher after the Nov 2 Fed meeting of the .75% rate hike. (Fed hike as was expected) If Barclay is going to be competitive, as they appear to want to be, I wish they would be a bit more proactive and keep up with their competition in a more timely fashion. (and before I had already transferred 95K out of my account 24hrs ago. lol) Clients can’t afford to sit around on large balances at 2.4% wondering what Barclay is thinking and planning on doing as the days tick by into the new month. While I do NOT seek the ultra-high max 3.5% rates found at some of the smaller name banks with poor customer service and scary feedback, I also don’t want to be sitting around indefinitely on a stubborn low 2.4% rate at the better banks either. All in all, I still overall rate Barclay here as a 5 star bank with which importantly you can bank without worries.

Rates Too Low

Posted by: |

Fed fund rate goes up .5 percent Barclay rate increased .05 there is an extra zero in this. Banks too spoiled for loose Fed Fund supply. Match the rates

Customer Service/Communications Poor.

Posted by: |

Completed application for savings and CD. Upon completion, acknowledgement said wait for notification of account setup being completed. 9 days later nothing. Called for status update and told I needed to send a bunch of personal/sensitive documents via email. Obviously I questioned that and was told I could send it as a zipped encrypted file then call with the password. When I asked why I wasn't sent an email telling me this, I was told that they don't do that and that they expect the customer to call them and ask. Absurd. If that is the quality of their customer service before they have my money, I would hate to think what it would be like if I was trying to take it out.

Worst Bank Ever!!

Posted by: |

I've been a costumer for over 17yrs and it is really hard to do simple stuff with this bank like changing your phone number it's not allowed on the app. you have to send really sensitive documents via mail like your SSC and drivers license just to update your number. also, your rewards are never accessible... they make it really hard for you to earn $1 after spending 3k. just stick to other banks with greater cash back. I don't recommend this bank at all. They make you pay and responsible for charges you didn't even authorize when someone steals your card. If I was you, I'd stay away from this private bank it's not worth your time or money. I'm on my way to report this to BBB Better Business Bureau. It is a waste of time dealing with them since they don't even credit your account when bad stuff happens to you. they make you responsible for fraud and suspicious activity and want you to deal with the merchant yourself when it is supposed to be their job. USELESS CUSTOMER SERVICE. I have never had a problem with other banks and I have a perfect 800 credit score. even to cancel your account they make it really hard. This is my first time complaining about something in life and it is bc this card and bank don't do what they promise. No rewards and no help with stolen card.



Health Grade Components

FDIC Certificate #57203
Year Established2001
Primary RegulatorFDIC
Profit Margin
Return on Assets - YTD0.54%
Return on Equity - YTD3.97%
Annual Interest Income$5.39B
Assets and Liabilities
AssetsQ4 2023vs Q4 2022$41.58B$37.46B
LoansQ4 2023vs Q4 2022$29.52B$27.6B
DepositsQ4 2023vs Q4 2022$31.72B$28.42B
Equity CapitalQ4 2023vs Q4 2022$5.17B$5.6B
Loan Loss AllowanceQ4 2023vs Q4 2022$2.64B$1.61B
Unbacked Noncurrent LoansQ4 2023vs Q4 2022$505MM$360MM
Real Estate OwnedQ4 2023vs Q4 2022$0$0
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Barclays Savings Account Rates

4.35%--Online Savings Account

Barclays CD Rates

5.00%--12 Month Online CD
4.85%--6 Month Online CD
4.50%--18 Month Online CD
4.00%--24 Month Online CD
3.75%--60 Month Online CD
3.50%--36 Month Online CD
3.50%--48 Month Online CD

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