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1680 Capital One Drive
Mclean, VA 22102

Capital One, a advertiser, is a subsidiary of the Capital One Financial Corporation, a financial holding company publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange (Symbol: COF). The bank officially took over ING Direct in 2012 and offers an array of depository banking.

Capital One offers personal, as well as business, savings and CD accounts. Also on the personal side, Capital One offers a fee-free checking account that is part of an extensive ATM network and comes with a free MasterCard debit card. They also offer a teen checking account, which is basically the same account, but adds a joint owner. Both accounts are attractive because they earn interest and can be accessed through their Café’s, mobile deposits and widely accessible ATMs. The 360 Money Market Account offers one of the top interest rates in the country and has no fees. CDs are offered in term lengths ranging from 6 to 60 months and come with fixed interest rates.

Capital One’s online banking provides a simple platform for account owners to manage their deposits with Capital One. They offer an award-winning mobile app which allows the user to make deposits, check balances, pay bills, search for ATMs and make transfers. The bank’s site is optimized for both desktop and mobile use, and offers the same features as the mobile app.

Capital One is currently headquartered in McLean, Virginia.

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Capital One CD Rates as of 4-11-2024 - 4/11/2024

Capital One lowers the rates of 11 CDs. Capital One CD rates (APY) as of 4-11-2024 include: 6-month @ 4.25% (was 4.35%) 9-month @ 4.25% (was 4.35%) 10-month @ 5.10% (no change) 11-month @ 4.25% (was 4.35%) 12-month @ 4.80% (was 4.90%) 14-month @ 4.80% (was 4.90%) 18-month @ 4.45% (was 4.50%) 24-month @ 4.00% (was 4.20%) 30-month @ 4.00% (was 4.10%) 36-month @ 4.00% (was 4.10%) 48-month @ 3.95% (was 4.05%) 60-month @ 3.90% (was 4.00%) For more information regarding Capital One CDs see:

HYS Rate Drop From 4.35% To 4.25% - 4/11/2024

Capital one HYS rate drop

Earn Up To A $1,500 Bonus - 4/4/2024

I guess that these bank deals may become more useful again and be something to consider if eligible, for fairly short term deposits with a decent bonus.

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8/31/20 - Capital One Offers $100 Bonus for New 360 Checking Account
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8/4/20 - Online Savings Down To 0.80%
6/17/20 - Cap One Perf Svgs Now 1.00%
6/3/20 - Personalized Email: $450 Bonus On $50K For Three Months ($150/$20K)
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10/13/17 - Capital One’s 5-Year 360 CD Rate Raised
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9/7/17 - Capital One Reduces CD Rates
8/25/17 - Capital One Increases 360 Money Market Rate
8/25/17 - Capital One Increases 360 Money Market Rate
7/25/17 - Big Rate Hike On Capital One 18-Month 360 CD
6/27/17 - Capital One Raises 360 Money Market Rate
6/27/17 - Capital One 360 Money Market Rate Increase
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5/4/17 - Definitely Not A Deal
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12/4/15 - Capital One 360 Increases Rates On Four CDs
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7/22/15 - Earn Up To A $500 Bonus At Capital One 360 - Extended To 9/30/2015
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6/1/15 - Earn Up to a $500 Bonus at Capital One 360
5/22/15 - Capital One 360 Launches Savings Bonus
5/22/15 - Up To $500 Bonus - Open New Savings Account With $5000+ Before Midnight 15 July 2015
5/18/15 - Capital One 360 Raises CD Rates For First Time In Over 2 Years
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11/16/06 - 5.50% Money Market Account at Superior Savings of New England ($10K+)
8/15/06 - 5.25% Money Market Account at Superior Savings of New England ($25K+)
8/9/06 - CapOne/Costco Money Market Account Up to 5.14%
7/19/06 - Capital One High Yield Money Market Rises to 5.00%
6/30/06 - ING Direct's Savings Account Now 4.35% - Lagging Continues
6/28/06 - Capital One High Yield Money Market Rises to 4.75%
6/14/06 - CapOne/Costco Money Market Now 4.77% Plus New $50 Bonus
5/31/06 - ING Direct Savings Account Now 4.25% - History of Lagging?
5/10/06 - CapOne/Costco Money Market Account Now 4.72%
5/3/06 - Capital One High Yield Money Market Rises to 4.55%
4/29/06 - ING Direct's 5.25% 12-Month / 5.00% 9-Month CD
4/17/06 - ING Direct Sale is Over - Now What?
4/15/06 - ING Direct Raises All 12-Month and Longer CDs to 5%
4/5/06 - New ING Direct CD Rates - 4.75% 9-Month
3/31/06 - ING Direct Raises Non-Promo Savings Account APY to 4%
3/29/06 - ING No Longer Showing the 4.75% Promo - What's Next?
3/14/06 - Superior Savings' New 5% Money Market Account
3/2/06 - Capital One Savings/Money Market Accounts Now 4.25%
2/4/06 - ING Direct Increases Yields Slightly on CDs
1/23/06 - ING Direct Reduces Rates on Most CDs
1/19/06 - ING's Save Up Sale: 4.75% Savings Rate
1/2/06 - Special CapitalOne/Costco $50 Bonus
12/31/05 - ING Direct Savings Now 3.80%
12/7/05 - CapitalOne Savings Now at 4.00%
10/25/05 - Slight Rise in ING Direct's Long Term CDs
10/23/05 - New 4.5% Money Market Account
10/13/05 - ING Direct's Answer To EmigrantDirect?
10/12/05 - Major Rate Increase at Another Online Bank
9/2/05 - ING Direct Again Lowers Long Term CD Rates

Reviews (524)

Performance Savings

Posted by: |

I opened savings accounts with CIT Bank, Marcus, UFB Direct and Capital One. Most of these banks have lower reviews and I'm glad I did not rely on those reviews. First off, most of these online banks are regularly featured on sites that share with you the offerings of different banks. Do your own research and look at the bank stat or their parent organization's health.

I'm not sure if I've just had the best of luck with the four accounts I opened with the four different banks but I just don't understand all the negative reviews. Some just silly like the transfer limits, transfer times, etc. Most info are available online or if not, ask before opening your account. Also, online banking does not mean faster banking. And if you want a live person and constant/immediate access to your money, go to a Chase branch and earn 0.1% on your money.

The interest rate on my Performance Savings account is not the highest but I took advantage of a bonus promo on a six-figure deposit and it will bring it up to par with the other accounts I opened. I have had nothing but positive experiences with Capital One. From opening the account, making transfers, calls to customer support had short wait times and questions answered promptly. Between the credit card and the savings account I have with Capital One, I am pretty satisfied customer.

Pretty Good

Posted by: |

Overall solid, easy to use bank for checking and savings. With checking, bill pay is usually electronic and same day, checks clear next business day. Savings, unlimited withdrawals without fees, checks clear 4 business days.

They drag there feet on ACH, about 3 business days. But, my gripe is no TOTP 2FA, and there phone app 2FA option does not work, even from new device or IP address, I read others on reddit complaining of same issue. Every now and again, I will receive an email after I logged in to my account, to let me know someone logged into my account.

Beware: They Cheat Existing Customers

Posted by: |

I've been a Capital One 360 customer for many years. I logged in recently to see if my interest rate went up (because in 2022 the rates are going up), and I was still at 0.3%. They advertise 3% but keep their older accounts at 0.3% for people who don't check. I don't want to do business with a company like that.

Capitalone Is Not Trurtworthy

Posted by: |

I set up my CD's maturity option to "close upon maturity and move all balance to my saving account" months before the maturity day. Shockingly, on the maturity day, my CD was closed but NOTHING was added to my saving account. I called several times and waited for days for CapitalOne to make correction. When they finally posted the closed CD balance to my saving account, they did NOT include any interest for the period when the amount disappeared. I called again and eventually got my accrued interest posted. If I did not follow up closely, my money may be gone forever. I closed all my accounts at Capitalone shortly thereafter.

I had accounts with Ing Direct, before it was acquired by CapitalOne. I kept various accounts there since the rates appeared to be competitive and the customer services were fine. Then one day I was wondering why the interest amount on my saving account was much less than expected. I was shocked to find out that my account was actually assigned as a checking account even though I had no ATM card or checkbook. I called CapitalOne and was told that my account was merged for streamlining. I told the rep that I've never received any communication of the merger. Besides, they should have merged my account to similar saving account. However, CapitalOne advertised competitive rates to attract new customers but kept existing customers in the dark. That was very disappointing!

Be vigilant in dealing with Capitalone.



Health Grade Components

FDIC Certificate #4297
Year Established1933
Primary RegulatorOCC
Profit Margin
Return on Assets - YTD1.12%
Return on Equity - YTD10.37%
Annual Interest Income$41.88B
Assets and Liabilities
AssetsQ4 2023vs Q4 2022$475.6B$453.3B
LoansQ4 2023vs Q4 2022$306B$299.3B
DepositsQ4 2023vs Q4 2022$374.2B$355.1B
Equity CapitalQ4 2023vs Q4 2022$53.19B$49.55B
Loan Loss AllowanceQ4 2023vs Q4 2022$15.3B$13.24B
Unbacked Noncurrent LoansQ4 2023vs Q4 2022$5.61B$3.91B
Real Estate OwnedQ4 2023vs Q4 2022$41.3MM$24.6MM
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* The APY shown varies based on the deposit amount. Expand the listing to see APYs for other deposit amounts.

Capital One Savings Account Rates

4.25%--360 Performance Savings
2.50%--Kids Savings Account

Capital One Checking Account Rates

0.10%--360 Checking

Capital One CD Rates

5.10%-$1m10 Month 360 CD
4.80%-$1m12 Month 360 CD
4.80%-$1m14 Month 360 CD
4.45%-$1m18 Month 360 CD
4.25%-$1m6 Month 360 CD
4.25%-$1m9 Month 360 CD
4.25%-$1m11 Month 360 CD
4.00%-$1m24 Month 360 CD
4.00%-$1m30 Month 360 CD
4.00%-$1m36 Month 360 CD
3.95%-$1m48 Month 360 CD
3.90%-$1m60 Month 360 CD


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