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Chase Bank is one of the largest banks in the United States as measured by total assets. It offers personal, business, and commercial banking products and services on both the depository and lending side. Chase has made strides to become an industry leader in customer service, with hundreds of thousands employees all over the world.

Chase Bank’s checking account offerings all have monthly service charges that can be waived if certain requirements are met. One checking account offers a certain number of non-Chase ATM transaction fee refunds. Chase Savings (SM) also come with a monthly service charge, but can be avoided by meeting minimum daily balance requirements. For the basic Chase Savings (SM) account, consumers under the age of 18 automatically avoid the monthly service charge. The bank also offers certificates of deposit (CDs) that reward higher account balances with higher interest rates. CDs can be opened online and range in term lengths from 1 to 120 months. Chase offers business and commercial banking solutions, as well as an array of credit cards.

Chase Bank online banking provides customers with free account management functions like online bill pay, paperless statements, mobile deposit, and fund transfers. Chase’s mobile banking apps are highly rated and offer a sophisticated platform from which customers can accomplish account management tasks easily on the go. Each app is specifically designed for different operating systems like iPhone, Android, and Windows, as well as tablet devices. Chase’s website is easy to maneuver and provides comprehensive information about bank and account information.

Chase Bank was originally established in 1982 as The Chase Manhattan Bank (USA). In 1996 it changed its organization type with the FDIC to a credit card bank, and in 2000 acquired JPMorgan, a financial services company. A year later the bank moved its headquarters to Newark, Delaware, where they remain today. In 2005, the bank changed its name to Chase Bank USA, and four years later acquired Bear Stearns and Washington Mutual.

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Speaking Of Chase - 1/24/2023

Chase has temporarily suspended all ACH transfers for an indefinite time for all of their customers.

Chase Really High 3-5 Month CD Rates - 1/22/2023

These rates are higher than the average and appear to be nationally available. An existing relationship (checking account) is required; of course Chase always has a good bonus so not an issue. 3-5 month CD, $1-10k 2% APY, $10-100k 3.50% APY, $100k+ 4% APY 12-14 month CD, $1-10k 3% APY, $10-100k 3.25% APY, $100k+ 3.75% APY Other rates are non-competitive: 24-29 month CD and 36-41 month CD, $1k+, 2% APY and the rest below that.

Chase $900 Checking & Savings Bonus - 1/13/2023

Chase is offering a $900 checking & savings bonus combo. Bonus is as follows: -Receive a bonus of $300 when you open a Chase Total checking account and have a direct deposit post to the account within 90 days. -Receive a bonus of $200 when you open a Chase savings account and deposit $15,000 or more in new money within 30 days and maintain a balance of $15,000 for 90 days. -Receive an extra $400 bonus when you complete both of the above bonuses. (Open in incognito mode) Chase Checking and savings can be opened every two years and it's a soft pull. A few different ACH transfers count as direct deposit. YMMV.

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9/26/08 - Update on WaMu's Money Market Savings Account and CD Promotion
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8/19/07 - 5.45% 7-Month CD at Chase Bank
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7/30/07 - Another $100 Checking Account Bonus at Chase Bank
7/23/07 - $75 Checking Account Bonus at Chase Bank - Update
7/18/07 - $100 Checking Account Bonus at Chase Bank
3/17/07 - $250 Bonus for Chase Freedom Credit Card (may be over)
2/12/07 - $75 Checking Account Bonus at Chase Bank
11/1/06 - $100 Checking Account Bonus at Chase
8/23/06 - Chase $10 Bonus for New Bill Pay Customers
7/11/06 - 5.35% 6-Month CD and $50 Gift Card at Chase Bank in New York City
5/21/06 - $50 Checking Account Bonus at Chase
3/15/06 - $100 Sign-Up Bonus for Chase Credit Card
12/7/05 - Free iPod nano Checking Account Deal
12/3/05 - $50 Bonus for Chase Checking and Direct Deposit

Reviews (272)

Chase Is The Greatest Bank Ever

Posted by: |

Ask Chase, they give you a reply. They give you a real answer, not a system answer. Everytime I've had any issues, things were reconciled quickly and perfectly accurate. I have never lost a penny in this bank. I have done alot of business with many banks and by far this is my favorite. Unlike other banks, Chase is completely dedicated to satisfying their smallest to largest customers Equally. If I ask, they answer, if I need, they try until we agree on the steps and I'm satisfied and nobody's tired of being on the phone like other banks. Their customer service reps are smart, polite, they care and they double triple check on every single detail.

Customer Service Issues

Posted by: |

I have been a Chase customer since 2007, but I am having some serious doubts about their contractors for customer service. I have encountered service reps that I could not understand because of rapid heavy accented speech, and questionable English comprehension. I have lost confidence in their ability to provide the best customer support. I am looking to switch to a better bank. Their one bright spot is no checking account fee for maintaining direct deposit balance over many years.

Hard To Deal With

Posted by: |

I have a cd from Chase that expires in a few days. It will roll over into another cd. I called them and said I wanted my cd to be transferred to my savings account when it matures. They said I would have to come into the bank and talk to a banker to do this. When I went in they wouldn't talk to me because I needed an appointment. So now I have to make an appointment and come in again for a simple transaction I should be able to do online. I'm going to close my accounts at this bank.

Chase Won't Protect Your Money

Posted by: |

Over the course of 5 months, someone used my ATM card and pin to withdraw small amounts of cash from a non Chase ATM in my neighborhood. Because the amounts were small, I did not realize this was happening until there were several withdrawals made totaling $424. I reported the withdrawals to Chase as soon as I realized what was happening within 60 days of the last incident. Chase reversed the charges. About a week or so after, I get a letter from Chase saying they had conducted an 'investigation' saying due to the fact the pin was used right the first time and geographic proximity to me, that they would not honor the credits and reversed the charges. I called to speak to a manager who accused me and/or someone in my family of using the card and that it was my responsibility to keep my information safe and that I was not going to be refunded for the withdrawals. I filed a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Chase responded saying that it was past the 60 days of reporting and the they could not reimburse me my money. This is untrue because I notified chase within 60 days of the last transaction, but they gave me the runaround for 30 days. So when I filed the compliant with the CFPB, it was past the 60 day threshold- very convenient for them. Chase did not bother to look at my ATM transaction history for the last 15 years- I never-ever use non Chase ATMs. I have a Chase bank ATM within 2 miles of my residence. My card and pin information were copied and extracted at a store from a merchant's iPad transaction. I even have a police report, they don't care about that. Chase will not protect your money and will make you liable for the money stolen from your account. Do not bank with Chase unless you don't care what happens to your money. I am taking my money elsewhere.



Health Grade Components

FDIC Certificate #628
Year Established1824
Primary RegulatorOCC
Profit Margin
Return on Assets - YTD0.84%
Return on Equity - YTD9.54%
Annual Interest Income$31.49B
Assets and Liabilities
AssetsQ2 2022vs Q2 2021$3,380.8B$3,190.1B
LoansQ2 2022vs Q2 2021$1,092.9B$1,030.2B
DepositsQ2 2022vs Q2 2021$2,548.7B$2,403B
Equity CapitalQ2 2022vs Q2 2021$297.2B$288.1B
Loan Loss AllowanceQ2 2022vs Q2 2021$17.75B$19.49B
Unbacked Noncurrent LoansQ2 2022vs Q2 2021$8.44B$9.82B
Real Estate OwnedQ2 2022vs Q2 2021$216.0MM$228.0MM
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* The APY shown varies based on the deposit amount. Expand the listing to see APYs for other deposit amounts.

† The rates for some products vary by region. In these cases we have listed the rates for the region closest to the bank's headquarters.

Chase Bank Savings Account Rates

0.02%-$500kChase Premier Savings - Relationship
0.02%--Chase Private Client Savings - Relationship
0.02%*$1m*-Chase Private Client Savings - Standard
OTHER TIERS: 0.01% Up to $1m
0.02%--Chase Business Premier Savings - Relationship
0.01%-$500kChase Premier Savings - Standard
0.01%--Chase Savings (SM)
0.01%--Chase Business Premier Savings - Standard
0.01%--Chase Business Total Savings
0.01%--Business Client Funds Savings

Chase Bank Checking Account Rates

3.38%*$100k*-Business IOLTA
OTHER TIERS: 2.89% Up to $100k
0.01%--Chase Premier Plus Checking
0.01%--Chase Sapphire Checking
0.01%--Chase Private Client Checking
0.01%--Chase Analysis Business Checking with Interest
0.01%--Chase Performance Business Checking with Interest

Chase Bank CD Rates

4.00%*$100k*-3-5 Month CD - Relationship
OTHER TIERS: 2.00% $1k - $10k | 3.50% $10k - $100k
4.00%*$100k*-Business 3-5 Month CD - Relationship
OTHER TIERS: 2.00% $1k - $10k | 3.50% $10k - $100k
3.75%*$100k*-12-14 Month CD - Relationship
OTHER TIERS: 3.00% $1k - $10k | 3.25% $10k - $100k
3.75%*$100k*-Business 12-14 Month CD - Relationship
OTHER TIERS: 3.00% $1k - $10k | 3.25% $10k - $100k
2.00%$1k-24-29 Month CD - Relationship
2.00%$1k-36-41 Month CD - Relationship
2.00%$1k-Business 24-29 Month CD - Relationship
2.00%$1k-Business 36-41 Month CD - Relationship
1.50%$1k-30-35 Month CD - Relationship
1.50%$1k-48-120 Month CD - Relationship
1.50%$1k-42-47 Month CD - Relationship
1.50%$1k-Business 30-35 Month CD - Relationship
1.50%$1k-Business 42-47 Month CD - Relationship
1.50%$1k-Business 48-120 Month CD - Relationship
0.05%*$10k*-6-8 Month CD - Relationship
OTHER TIERS: 0.02% $1k - $10k
0.05%*$10k*-9-11 Month CD - Relationship
OTHER TIERS: 0.02% $1k - $10k
0.05%*$10k*-21-23 Month CD - Relationship
OTHER TIERS: 0.02% $1k - $10k
0.05%*$10k*-15 - 17 Month CD - Relationship
OTHER TIERS: 0.02% $1k - $10k
0.05%*$10k*-18-20 Month CD-Relationship
OTHER TIERS: 0.02% $1k - $10k
0.05%*$10k*-Business 6-8 Month CD - Relationship
OTHER TIERS: 0.02% $1k - $10k
0.05%*$10k*-Business 9-11 Month CD - Relationship
OTHER TIERS: 0.02% $1k - $10k
0.05%*$10k*-Business 15 - 17 Month CD - Relationship
OTHER TIERS: 0.02% $1k - $10k
0.05%*$10k*-Business 18-20 Month CD-Relationship
OTHER TIERS: 0.02% $1k - $10k
0.05%*$10k*-Business 21-23 Month CD - Relationship
OTHER TIERS: 0.02% $1k - $10k
0.05%*$10k*-6 Month Ladder CD - Relationship
OTHER TIERS: 0.02% $1k - $10k
0.05%*$10k*-9 Month Ladder CD - Relationship
OTHER TIERS: 0.02% $1k - $10k
0.05%*$10k*-12 Month Ladder CD - Relationship
OTHER TIERS: 0.02% $1k - $10k
0.05%*$10k*-Business 6 Month Ladder CD - Relationship
OTHER TIERS: 0.02% $1k - $10k
0.05%*$10k*-Business 9 Month Ladder CD - Relationship
OTHER TIERS: 0.02% $1k - $10k
0.05%*$10k*-Business 12 Month Ladder CD - Relationship
OTHER TIERS: 0.02% $1k - $10k
0.02%$1k-1 Month CD - Relationship
0.02%$1k-2 Month CD - Relationship
0.02%$1k-Business 1 Month CD - Relationship
0.02%$1k-1 Month Ladder CD - Relationship
0.02%$1k-2 Month Ladder CD - Relationship
0.02%$1k-3 Month Ladder CD - Relationship
0.02%$1k-4 Month Ladder CD - Relationship
0.02%$1k-Business 1 Month Ladder CD - Relationship
0.02%$1k-Business 2 Month Ladder CD - Relationship
0.02%$1k-Business 3 Month Ladder CD - Relationship
0.02%$1k-Business 4 Month Ladder CD - Relationship
0.02%$1k-Business 2 Month CD - Relationship
0.01%$1k$100k1 Month CD - Standard
0.01%$1k$100k2 Month CD - Standard
0.01%$1k$100k3-5 Month CD - Standard
0.01%$1k$100k6-8 Month CD - Standard
0.01%$1k$100k9-11 Month CD - Standard
0.01%$1k$100k12-14 Month CD - Standard
0.01%$1k$100k24-29 Month CD - Standard
0.01%$1k$100k30-35 Month CD - Standard
0.01%$1k$100k48-120 Month CD - Standard
0.01%$1k$100k21-23 Month CD - Standard
0.01%$1k-36-41 Month CD - Standard
0.01%$1k-15 - 17 Month CD - Standard
0.01%$1k-18-20 Month CD-Standard
0.01%$1k-42-47 Month CD - Standard
0.01%$1k$100kBusiness 1 Month CD - Standard
0.01%$1k$100kBusiness 3-5 Month CD - Standard
0.01%$1k$100kBusiness 6-8 Month CD - Standard
0.01%$1k$100kBusiness 9-11 Month CD - Standard
0.01%$1k$100kBusiness 12-14 Month CD - Standard
0.01%$1k-Business 15 - 17 Month CD - Standard
0.01%$1k-Business 18-20 Month CD-Standard
0.01%$1k$100kBusiness 21-23 Month CD - Standard
0.01%$1k$100kBusiness 24-29 Month CD - Standard
0.01%$1k$100kBusiness 30-35 Month CD - Standard
0.01%$1k-Business 36-41 Month CD - Standard
0.01%$1k-Business 42-47 Month CD - Standard
0.01%$1k$100kBusiness 48-120 Month CD - Standard
0.01%$1k-1 Month Ladder CD - Standard
0.01%$1k-2 Month Ladder CD - Standard
0.01%$1k-3 Month Ladder CD - Standard
0.01%$1k-4 Month Ladder CD - Standard
0.01%$1k-6 Month Ladder CD - Standard
0.01%$1k-9 Month Ladder CD - Standard
0.01%$1k-12 Month Ladder CD - Standard
0.01%$1k-Business 1 Month Ladder CD - Standard
0.01%$1k-Business 2 Month Ladder CD - Standard
0.01%$1k-Business 3 Month Ladder CD - Standard
0.01%$1k-Business 4 Month Ladder CD - Standard
0.01%$1k-Business 6 Month Ladder CD - Standard
0.01%$1k-Business 9 Month Ladder CD - Standard
0.01%$1k-Business 12 Month Ladder CD - Standard
0.01%$1k$100kBusiness 2 Month CD - Standard


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