Citibank Features $300 Checking Bonus


Availability: Nationwide

Now through December 31, 2016, Citibank has a $300 bonus when opening a new checking account.

$300 Bonus Requirements

  • Open a new eligible consumer checking account in The Citibank Account Package* by December 31, 2016.
  • Within 45 days of account opening, have one Direct Deposit OR one or more Citibank Debit Card purchase(s) totaling $250 or more.
  • Within 45 days of account opening, deposit at least $15k of new money into the new checking account, or a new or existing Citibank Savings Plus Account.
  • Maintain a minimum balance of $15k for 30 consecutive days following date of qualifying deposit.
  • Cash bonus will be credited to new checking account within 90 days of the above requirements being met.

*The Citibank Account Package is a full-service banking package that helps you enjoy no Citibank fee
for use of non-Citibank ATMs, if combined average monthly balances in eligible linked accounts are
met, letting you earn rewards for your overall banking relationship with Citi ThankYou Rewards.


  • Must not currently have a consumer checking account with Citibank or have been a signer on or an owner of a Citibank consumer checking account within the last 60 days.
  • May have an existing Citibank Savings Plus Account.
  • Cannot be combined with any other checking offer, but if you meet the terms of two or more checking offer within the same calendar month, you will receive the offer with the higher bonus value.
  • Limit of one offer per customer per account.
  • $25 monthly service fee applies to the checking account and a $2.50 non-Citibank ATM fee applies if combined average monthly balance requirements are not maintained.

Thanks to DA reader, Jake9, for his Forum post about Citibank’s $300 bonus.


Headquartered in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Citibank offers its services and product nationwide.

Applying for the $300 checking bonus can be done online, by phone (866.535.2012), or in person at any of 1,050 branches located in California (314), Connecticut (13), the District of Columbia (16), Delaware (1), Florida (54), Illinois (61), Maryland (11), Nevada (9), New Jersey (9), New York (238), Puerto Rico (2), South Dakota (1), Texas (56), and Virginia (7).

Bank Overview

Citibank (FDIC Certificate # 7211) has an overall health grade of "A" at, with a Texas ratio of 4.40% (excellent) based on June 30, 2016 data. In the past year, Citibank has increased its total deposits by $5.53 billion, an above average annual growth rate of 0.59%. Please refer to our financial overview of Citibank for more details.

Established in 1812 as The National City Bank of New York, Citibank is one of the world’s largest financial institutions with more than $1 trillion in assets. Citibank is a subsidiary of CitiGroup, which was formed when banking giant Citicorp and financial conglomerate Travelers Group merged in 1998. The Bank was rebranded as Citibank in 1976 and relocated its headquarters to South Dakota in 2001.

How the Citibank $300 Bonus Compares

Assuming a 4-month timeline ($15k on deposit for 30 days + 90 days to receive the bonus), with $25 monthly service fee waived,

  • $15k for 120 days in a Citibank checking account = $300 bonus
  • $15k for 120 days in a savings account earning 1% = $49.83 interest

The above rates are accurate as of 11/19/2016.

Other Promotions and Bonuses

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Anonymous   |     |   Comment #1
Fortunate this offer allows an alternative to direct deposit since my own DD's are "booked up" at other FI's through mid-February.

Count me in Citi.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #2
I just got the $400x2(wife) for the same exact thing without the direct deposit requirement hoop. Still waiting for the cash after 3 months though. Citibank is slow and has a $10,000 minimum balance requirement to avoid the monthly fee. I got the interest bearing checking and the pay a whopping .01% APY lol as soon as the bonus posts I'm out.
DCGuy (anonymous)   |     |   Comment #3
Citibank is hoping that you will "forget" about how low their interest rate is for the account and that you will be a long term customer.  If not, they have your personal information to send you information about other banking services.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #4
Be very careful with Citi. They have performed two bait and switch maneuvers on me recently. Double and triple check everything to make sure.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #5
Too bad they're not offering what they offered in the previous months...$400 with $15000 new money deposit. In order to avoid monthly fees, the account needs to have at least $10000 daily balance.
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