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1620 Dodge Street
Omaha, NE 68197

Since 1857, First National Bank Omaha has been growing steadily. Originally, FNBO Direct was a small institution, serving only Omaha, Nebraska, and the immediate area. Now, FNBO, a subsidiary of First National Nebraska, serves 6.6 million people all over the country. First National Nebraska is a multi-state holding company, and is the largest privately owned banking company in the U.S.

FNBO offers products that are in line with what you would expect from such an institution: checking accounts, savings accounts and CDs. FNBO also issues Visa branded rewards credit cards. FNBO offers consistently competitive yields on deposit accounts, and a fairly low variable interest rate on its credit card.

In addition to online billpay, FNBO also makes use of Popmoney, which allows you to send payment from your bank account directly to someone else with the help of a text message. You can also receive payment via Popmoney directly to your bank account. The FNBO web site features a number of helpful and educational tools, including a wide array of calculators. One of the most interesting is a calculator that will help you see how long it will take you to save up $1 million.

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FNBO Direct joined the crowd today (Tuesday, 6/21), bumping its Online Savings Account APY (from 0.95%) to 1.10%.

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Great Online Bank for Internet Savings and Checking accounts

I've had an account with FNBO Direct for over a year, and I'm very pleased with my experience so far. I have a Checking and Savings account, and the best part is that the Checking account earns 0.65% APR and the Savings account earns 0.75%. This is a far better deal than you can get in most non-online non-internet banks. Plus, the access you have to your money is great - you can see it online, any time, and move it around however you want with no fees. And there are no minimum deposits required in order to open an account (other than one dollar, but everyone has one dollar, at least if they're trying to open a bank account). Overall I think these accounts are a great deal for the customer, and because of that, I highly recommend FNBO Direct!

FNBO Online Banking

I opened a Savings account with FNBO I think in 2010. I did this to have an online savings account which is more difficult to access than a regular bank. I did a lot of research at the time for the best rates. At the time, this bank had the best rate with no minimums. These days there are several other choices. Since I opened the account they have made available more products, such as online checking accounts, which has made it easier to make payments to credit cards and transfer money to my regular accounts. It is helpful, as I often forget about the account and so the money tends to build until I remember I need that extra little cash. I have never run into any issues with customer service or any other experiences with the service. It takes several days to transfer money, but that is one of the reasons to have the account, so that I cannot access the money quickly, so I try to save more.

Online Savings ACcount

I grew up with First National (the parent company of FNBO Direct) in my hometown. It was the bank that I had as a kid and then eventually worked at as an intern during college and also for a year after graduation. The FNBO Direct account is a typical savings account - it is nothing special at all. The account is fine, I use it as an emergency savings account, and don't really pull money from it unless I have something I absolutely need money for. The institution is fine - they are the normal bank that has really low rates for savings accounts but also pretty decent customer service. Their online customer service is not as good as other banks, but it is okay. If I could have any online savings account, this is a decent one because it is plain and basic.

Beware Of Hidden Fees On The Online Checking ("Billpay") Account

As always, read the account disclosures before opening an account.

FNBO charges a monthly "Debit Card Inactive Fee" of $1 per month if you don't use the debit card associated with the account at least once every 90 days. If you opt out of the debit card entirely and just get an ATM-only card, they charge you $1 per month, every month, period.

Since I never use debit cards, this was a deal-killer for me.

If you are one of those people who open accounts while the interest rates are good, and then leave them dormant when the rate drops, there is a dormant account fee of $25 (first month) or $10 (subsequent months). It doesn't indicate how long the dormant period is in their online disclosure.



Health Grade Components

FDIC Certificate #5452
Year Established1857
Primary RegulatorOCC
Profit Margin
Return on Assets - YTD0.78%
Return on Equity - YTD7.64%
Annual Interest Income$279.1MM
Assets and Liabilities
AssetsQ1 2017vs Q1 2016$19.20B$18.42B
LoansQ1 2017vs Q1 2016$13.57B$13.03B
DepositsQ1 2017vs Q1 2016$16.50B$15.24B
Equity CapitalQ1 2017vs Q1 2016$1.95B$1.86B
Loan Loss AllowanceQ1 2017vs Q1 2016$345.2MM$275.8MM
Unbacked Noncurrent LoansQ1 2017vs Q1 2016$105.9MM$82.9MM
Real Estate OwnedQ1 2017vs Q1 2016$10.5MM$13.1MM
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FNBO Savings Up To 1.10% APY. Quick Look.

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FNBO Direct joined the crowd today (Tuesday, 6/21), bumping its Online Savings Account APY (from 0.95%) to 1.10%.

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FNBO Direct Savings Account Rates

1.10%-$1mOnline Savings

FNBO Direct Checking Account Rates

0.65%-$1mOnline Checking Account

FNBO Direct CD Rates

1.15%$500$1m60 Month CD
0.90%$500$1m48 Month CD
0.70%$500$1m36 Month CD
0.50%$500$1m24 Month CD
0.41%$500$1m18 Month CD
0.31%$500$1m12 Month CD
0.26%$500$1m9 Month CD
0.16%$500$1m6 Month CD

FNBO Direct is an Internet only bank and does not have branch locations. Its headquarters is located at 1620 Dodge Street - Omaha, NE 68197