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written by Ken Tumin

Banks and credit unions are battling it out for deposits...\r\nSee More\r\n


Banks and credit unions are battling it out for deposits. Competition among financial institutions provides investors a broad menu of choices when it comes to certificates of deposit (CDs). We track daily rates from thousands of institutions to help you compare the best CD rates and find the best deal on your next CD. This table compares CDs of all maturities, making it easy to find the highest CD rate regardless of term. The highest rate CD often doesn’t have the longest term.

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Banks and credit unions are battling it out for deposits. Competition among financial institutions provides investors a broad menu of choices when it comes to certificates of deposit (CDs). We track daily rates from thousands of institutions to help you compare the best CD rates and find the best deal on your next CD. This table compares CDs of all maturities, making it easy to find the highest CD rate regardless of term. The highest rate CD often doesn’t have the longest term.

\r\n","StateBlurb":"Compare certificate of deposit rates in [state]. Rates on CD products can vary greatly between banks. That is why we check both national and local banks every day to provide you with a wide selection of CD rates available in [state]. If we have missed a local bank in your area please contact us and let us know by using the email link below.","Active":true,"MinAmount":0.0000,"MaxAmount":999999999.0000,"MinTerm":1,"MaxTerm":9999,"AdditionalProducts":"2,1","Tags":"-youth,-club,-misc,-business,-relationship,-health","PageTitle":"Best CD Rates for [date] | DepositAccounts","StatePageTitle":"[state] Certificate of Deposit Rates","DefaultAmount":25000.0000,"Meta":"Compare CD rates for thousands of banks and credit unions in the U.S. to find the best certificates of deposit available.","StateMeta":"","Article":"","ShortName":"CD-Rates","IsSectionIdNull":false,"IsNameNull":false,"IsInformaCodeNull":false,"IsUrlNull":false,"IsBlurbNull":false,"IsStateBlurbNull":false,"IsActiveNull":false,"IsMinAmountNull":false,"IsMaxAmountNull":false,"IsMinTermNull":false,"IsMaxTermNull":false,"IsAdditionalProductsNull":false,"IsTagsNull":false,"IsPageTitleNull":false,"IsStatePageTitleNull":false,"IsDefaultAmountNull":false,"IsMetaNull":false,"IsStateMetaNull":false,"IsArticleNull":false,"IsShortNameNull":false,"FullUrl":"/cd/","TagArray":[],"NegativeTagArray":["youth","club","misc","business","relationship","health"]},"Ad":null,"NationalRate":3.9805,"Score":50.0},{"Account":{"CharterType":"","CharterDmas":"","CharterAffiliations":"","AdCopy":"","TrackingPixel":"","Tags":"","EstimatedEpc":0.0,"PromoText":"","BlendedApy":false,"EstimatedEarnings":0.0,"DisplayName":"Classic Savings","ProductGroupId":0,"ProductGroupName":"","BankId":558,"SectionId":2,"Id":17613,"BankUrl":"nevada-state-bank.html","ProductName":"Classic Savings","BankName":"Nevada State Bank","Apy":0.01,"RewardRate":0.0,"MinAmount":0.01,"MaxAmount":999999999.0,"ClickUrl":"","LastUpdated":"2023-12-05T19:09:54.773","InstitutionType":"N","Term":0,"MaxTerm":0,"States":"NV","OnlineStates":"","OtherAccounts":null,"TierGroups":[{"DisplayName":"Deposit Rate","Tiers":[{"Id":26274,"Min":0.01,"Max":999999999.0,"Apy":0.01},{"Id":538416,"Min":100000.0,"Max":999999999.0,"Apy":0.01},{"Id":538417,"Min":50000.0,"Max":99999.99,"Apy":0.01},{"Id":538418,"Min":25000.0,"Max":49999.99,"Apy":0.01},{"Id":538419,"Min":5000.0,"Max":24999.99,"Apy":0.01},{"Id":538420,"Min":1000.0,"Max":4999.99,"Apy":0.01}],"Id":12749,"Tags":"","TierType":"deposit"}],"HqRates":false,"Ewp":0,"Variants":"","ReviewCount":15,"HasLogo":true,"FederallyInsured":true,"CuOpenStates":"","DmaCodes":",770,811,839,","Locations":417,"HasSelectedTier":false},"ComparisonAccount":null,"Product":{"Id":9,"SectionId":2,"Name":"Best High Yield Savings Accounts","InformaCode":"DP02001","Url":"","Blurb":"
written by Ken Tumin

Interest rates on savings accounts vary greatly, which means you need to shop around to find your best rate available. It’s possible to find rates over 5.25%, while the average savings account rate stands at around 0.48% (as of November 2023). This is why we check rates daily at more than 5,000 U.S. banks and credit unions, to make it easy for you to gain the best possible return on your savings. The savings account table below allows you to compare savings account rates offered by financial institutions such as online banks, credit unions, community banks and the big nationwide banks.

\r\n","StateBlurb":"Compare rates on personal savings accounts in [state]. We check both the national banks and local banks in [state] every day to provide you with the most current savings account rates available in your area. If there is a local bank you would like to see listed here, let us know and we'll do our best to add it.","Active":true,"MinAmount":0.0000,"MaxAmount":24999.9900,"MinTerm":0,"MaxTerm":0,"AdditionalProducts":"","Tags":"-business,-health,-edu,-youth,-club,-retirement,-reward,-misc,-relationship","PageTitle":"High Yield Savings Accounts – Daily Rates | DepositAccounts","StatePageTitle":"[state] Savings Account Rates","DefaultAmount":25000.0000,"Meta":"Compare savings accounts from banks and credit unions across the country and see who's currently offering the best savings account rates.","StateMeta":"","Article":"","ShortName":"Savings","IsSectionIdNull":false,"IsNameNull":false,"IsInformaCodeNull":false,"IsUrlNull":false,"IsBlurbNull":false,"IsStateBlurbNull":false,"IsActiveNull":false,"IsMinAmountNull":false,"IsMaxAmountNull":false,"IsMinTermNull":false,"IsMaxTermNull":false,"IsAdditionalProductsNull":false,"IsTagsNull":false,"IsPageTitleNull":false,"IsStatePageTitleNull":false,"IsDefaultAmountNull":false,"IsMetaNull":false,"IsStateMetaNull":false,"IsArticleNull":false,"IsShortNameNull":false,"FullUrl":"/savings/","TagArray":[],"NegativeTagArray":["business","health","edu","youth","club","retirement","reward","misc","relationship"]},"Ad":null,"NationalRate":0.4928,"Score":50.0},{"Account":{"CharterType":"","CharterDmas":"","CharterAffiliations":"","AdCopy":"","TrackingPixel":"","Tags":"","EstimatedEpc":0.0,"PromoText":"","BlendedApy":false,"EstimatedEarnings":0.0,"DisplayName":"Premier Elite Checking","ProductGroupId":0,"ProductGroupName":"","BankId":558,"SectionId":3,"Id":410784,"BankUrl":"nevada-state-bank.html","ProductName":"Premier Elite Checking","BankName":"Nevada State Bank","Apy":0.01,"RewardRate":0.0,"MinAmount":0.0,"MaxAmount":999999999.0,"ClickUrl":"","LastUpdated":"2023-12-05T19:09:54.773","InstitutionType":"N","Term":0,"MaxTerm":0,"States":"NV","OnlineStates":"","OtherAccounts":null,"TierGroups":[{"DisplayName":"Deposit Rate","Tiers":[{"Id":719922,"Min":0.0,"Max":999999999.0,"Apy":0.01},{"Id":719923,"Min":100000.0,"Max":249999.99,"Apy":0.01},{"Id":719924,"Min":25000.0,"Max":99999.99,"Apy":0.01},{"Id":719925,"Min":10000.0,"Max":24999.99,"Apy":0.01},{"Id":719926,"Min":5000.0,"Max":9999.99,"Apy":0.01},{"Id":719927,"Min":0.0,"Max":4999.99,"Apy":0.01}],"Id":311184,"Tags":"","TierType":"deposit"}],"HqRates":false,"Ewp":0,"Variants":"","ReviewCount":15,"HasLogo":true,"FederallyInsured":true,"CuOpenStates":"","DmaCodes":",770,811,839,","Locations":417,"HasSelectedTier":false},"ComparisonAccount":null,"Product":{"Id":13,"SectionId":3,"Name":"Standard Checking Accounts","InformaCode":"DP01001","Url":"","Blurb":"
written by Ken Tumin | Updated on September 21, 2022

Checking accounts are a dime a dozen. Banking institutions offer checking accounts with branding such as Gold, Silver, Green, High Interest, Free, Student, Sports Teams, etc. The vast majority of Americans have, at some point, opened a checking account at one of the 14,000+ banking institutions across the country. The abundance of choices represents bonus features that accompany the primary purpose of checking: to provide security for cash and easy access to funds when needed to complete a transaction.


But which do you choose? Compare personal checking accounts from banks and credit unions. Below, you’ll also find some of the history, features and benefits of checking accounts.

\r\n","StateBlurb":"Compare rates on personal checking accounts in [state].. Our system checks the rates of many national banks as well as regional banks in [state] every day to provide you with a single list of current interest bearing checking account rates in your area. If we have missed a local bank in your area please let us know by using the email link below.","Active":true,"MinAmount":100.0000,"MaxAmount":999999999.0000,"MinTerm":0,"MaxTerm":0,"AdditionalProducts":"","Tags":"-reward,-business,-health,-youth,-club,-misc,-relationship,-cashback","PageTitle":"Compare Checking Account Rates in [date] | DepositAccounts","StatePageTitle":"[state] Checking Account Rates","DefaultAmount":10000.0000,"Meta":"Compare checking account rates for thousands of banks and credit unions across the country and discover which have the best checking accounts available.","StateMeta":"","Article":"","ShortName":"Checking","IsSectionIdNull":false,"IsNameNull":false,"IsInformaCodeNull":false,"IsUrlNull":false,"IsBlurbNull":false,"IsStateBlurbNull":false,"IsActiveNull":false,"IsMinAmountNull":false,"IsMaxAmountNull":false,"IsMinTermNull":false,"IsMaxTermNull":false,"IsAdditionalProductsNull":false,"IsTagsNull":false,"IsPageTitleNull":false,"IsStatePageTitleNull":false,"IsDefaultAmountNull":false,"IsMetaNull":false,"IsStateMetaNull":false,"IsArticleNull":false,"IsShortNameNull":false,"FullUrl":"/checking/","TagArray":[],"NegativeTagArray":["reward","business","health","youth","club","misc","relationship","cashback"]},"Ad":null,"NationalRate":0.2458,"Score":20.0}];

Awesome Bank

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I really enjoy working with Nevada State Bank, both with my personal and business accounts. Great people. The manager, Theresa, at the N. Rainbow branch is great. Who remembers people's names these days. She does.

A great local bank for Nevadans

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Nevada State Bank is a very good option for you banking needs in Nevada. It has a good number of branch locations and ATMs throughout the state. Their checking and savings account products are also easy to set up and have low fees. One exception to the rule is that for a free checking account, you either need to have money regularly direct deposited into the account, or keep a $1500 average limit in the account each month. Their website has all of the regular functionality that you would expect from a much larger bank. For example, they have online bill pay features, transfer features, and allow viewing of all of your past statements. Whenever I go into a physical branch, the staff is always very courteous and helpful.

As Recently As 2014/2015, NSB Still Holding Onto "New Account, Large Deposits" Overlong

Posted by: |

I have read some of the complaints, herein, and I, too, experienced an overlong hold on a $ 10,000 deposit (cashier's check from former out-of-state bank) when I was attempting to open a new account at NSB.

Their representative took the check and said the entire $ 10,000 would not be available for 9 days. Even though I acquiesced in this policy, I later checked federal regulations on NSB's policy and have cut-&-pasted them below.

In my case, the "New Accounts" rep should have clearly and openly stated that $ 5,000 of my
$ 10,000 would be available the next business day (see I.a.1., below) and the remainder in 7 days (if, in furtherance of good customer service, they followed regulation II.B.1., below). Otherwise, regulations allowed a hold on the remaining $ 5,000 for 9 business days (see I.A.1.a., below) which is the route NSB chose to follow (of course).

The most important rule is to note that, generally, it is the type of the deposit that dictates the hold time. So as not to post an overlong review, I have limited the cited regulations to "New Accounts" and "Large Deposits: $ 5,000 or More".

I. New Account.
A. Deposit into an account that has been open for fewer than 30 days (unless you've had another account with the same institution for at least 30 days).
1. Cash, Electronic Payments & First $5,000 of Checks.
a. Next Day; Remainder 9th Business Day

II. Large Deposit.
B. Deposit other than cash or electronic payment totaling more than $5,000 in a single day.
1. First $5,000 2nd Business Day; Remainder 7th Business Day or Later.

With regard to the only other matters of concern to me, though I find in-person employee attitude to be professional and considerate, customer service at the drive-up is slow and they still want identifying documents every time I cash a check even though I've been a customer for 1-1/2 years. It seems to me that they exhibit an overall sense of distrust of the customer.

Horrible Bank

If you own a business you do not want to go here. Horrible company, horrible app, horrible online services. I'll be fighting this company for years to come due to their own incompetence. Much more to write that I do not have time for. Hours, and hours.



Data as of Q2 2023

Data displayed below is for insuring bank: Zions Bank
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Health Grade Components

FDIC Certificate #2270
Year Established1873
Primary RegulatorOCC
Profit Margin
Return on Assets - YTD0.86%
Return on Equity - YTD14.8%
Annual Interest Income$1.91B
Assets and Liabilities
AssetsQ2 2023vs Q2 2022$87.23B$87.78B
LoansQ2 2023vs Q2 2022$56.30B$51.90B
DepositsQ2 2023vs Q2 2022$74.32B$79.06B
Equity CapitalQ2 2023vs Q2 2022$5.28B$5.63B
Loan Loss AllowanceQ2 2023vs Q2 2022$651.4MM$508.7MM
Unbacked Noncurrent LoansQ2 2023vs Q2 2022$157.0MM$191.5MM
Real Estate OwnedQ2 2023vs Q2 2022$1.7MM$0
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Always verify rates and promotions with the bank or credit union. We are not Nevada State Bank; we are a rate comparison website and cannot provide official rates or promotions.

* The APY shown varies based on the deposit amount. Expand the listing to see APYs for other deposit amounts.

Nevada State Bank Savings Account Rates

0.01%--Classic Savings
0.01%--Young Savers
0.01%--Business Savings

Nevada State Bank Money Market Rates

2.79%*$1m*-Premier Money Market
OTHER TIERS: 0.90% $5k - $100k | 1.06% $100k - $250k | 1.51% $250k - $500k | 1.77% $500k - $1m
2.28%*$1m*-Business Money Market
OTHER TIERS: 0.33% $1k - $100k | 0.55% $100k - $250k | 1.00% $250k - $500k | 1.26% $500k - $1m
0.21%*--IRA Money Market
OTHER TIERS: 0.01% Up to $2k | 0.05% $2k - $25k | 0.08% $25k - $500k
0.06%*$1m*-Business Money Market Sweep
OTHER TIERS: 0.02% $10k - $100k | 0.04% $100k - $1m

Nevada State Bank Checking Account Rates

0.01%--Premium Interest Checking
0.01%--Premier Elite Checking

Nevada State Bank CD Rates

4.75%$1k$100k1 Year CD
4.75%$1k$100kBusiness 1 Year CD
4.50%$1k$100k6 Month CD
4.50%$1k$100k9 Month CD
4.50%$1k$100kBusiness 6 Month CD
4.50%$1k$100kBusiness 9 Month CD
4.25%$1k$100k3 Month CD
4.25%$1k$100kBusiness 3 Month CD
3.25%$1k$100k18 Month CD
3.25%$1k$100kBusiness 18 Month CD
2.50%$1k$100k2 Year CD
2.50%$1k$100kBusiness 2 Year CD
2.25%$1k$100k3 Year CD
2.25%$1k$100kBusiness 3 Year CD
2.00%$1k$100k4 Year CD
2.00%$1k$100kBusiness 4 Year CD
1.75%$1k$100k5 Year CD
1.75%$1k$100kBusiness 5 Year CD
0.50%$1k$100k1 Month CD
0.50%$1k$100kBusiness 1 Month CD

Nevada State Bank IRA Rates

4.75%$1k-1 Year IRA
4.50%$1k-6 Month IRA
4.50%$1k-9 Month IRA
4.25%$1k-3 Month IRA
3.25%$1k-18 Month IRA
2.50%$1k-2 Year IRA
2.25%$1k-3 Year IRA
2.00%$1k-4 Year IRA
1.75%$1k-5 Year IRA
0.50%$1k- 1 Month IRA


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